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Happy turkey-day

⚽ Another turkey-day tourney complete. Four teams, 8 aside, 3 games each. ⚽ As is also the annual tradition, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams will be
Ben Mehling
Nov 26

Thanksgiving Day Tourney (or Pickup Game)

Another perfect day for football. See you at 3pm (Dovecreek Park, Irvine). Reminder: Thanksgiving Day morning, 8am -- if we have enough we'll play a tourney,
Ben Mehling
Nov 22
Brent Loefke
Nov 8

Re: Saturday game

Not 100% positive, but I believe the game is: Location: Corner Valley Oak/Barranca (Oakcreek Park). Time: 7:30am
Ben Mehling
Nov 7

Re: Reminder: Sunday game starts @ 3pm (after the time change)

What time is the Saturday pick up in the morning? And what field in irvine is it? Thanks Ali
ali alsafar
Nov 6

Reminder: Sunday game starts @ 3pm (after the time change)

Game time is moving to 3pm now that daylight savings has ended. See you on the pitch, - Ben
Ben Mehling
Nov 1

Sunday game time change

Next week, Nov 1st, the clocks "fall back". Sunday games will be starting at 3pm until next year... See you on the pitch (@ 3pm)! Remember, you can join the
Ben Mehling
Oct 25

Re: Tuesday evening pickup

Yes, we play at the Lake Forest Sports park. We are shooting for a 6-6:15 start time. L From: irvine_soccer@yahoogroups.com
    Larry Cole
    Oct 21
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    Re: Tuesday evening pickup

    I believe so, but I haven't played in a while. I heard Larry and Luis talking about it Sunday. Larry? On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 4:13 PM, Jeremy McEligot
    Ben Mehling
    Oct 21

    Tuesday evening pickup

    Is there pickup tonight and Thursday night? Jeremy
    Jeremy McEligot
    Oct 20

    Game at 4 pm

    Weather is looking great for soccer -- see you at 4pm!
    Ben Mehling
    Oct 18

    Soccer tomorrow

    Monday! Labor Day Soccer. Time: 8am Location:Oak Creek Elementary School on Dove. Let's have fun. Sent from my iPhone
    Brent Loefke
    Sep 6
    Ben Mehling
    Jul 25

    Sunday game @ 4pm

    Reminder: Sunday game at Dovecreek Park. Starts at 4pm. If the field is closed, we'll play at the school just next door.
    Ben Mehling
    Jul 17

    Game at Dovecreek, 4pm. See you on the pitch.

    Game at Dovecreek, 4pm. See you on the pitch.
    Ben Mehling
    Jul 12
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