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  • Ironclaw
    Happy New Year to all subscribers! Yes, it s been a while since we ve had an update, so I did want to resolve a few pending issues. When Jadeclaw is ready for
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      Happy New Year to all subscribers!

      Yes, it's been a while since we've had an update, so I did want to resolve a
      few pending issues.

      When Jadeclaw is ready for purchase, you'll be the first to hear about it.
      ^.^ As mentioned earlier, the book has expanded to 352 pages, with a spine
      5/6 inch thick. But it will still retail for $29.95. I don't think you can
      find a complete game in one package for that value.

      For the total count:
      * Over 30 Races
      * Over 70 Careers
      * Over 180 Martial Arts
      * Over 200 Spells
      * Over 288 Illustrations! (That's two gross illos ... not 'too gross illos'
      ^.^ )
      * Over 12 Maps, including a two-page spread featuring Zhonggou and its

      Look for us at Further Confusion!

      Here's a couple posts that might be a little old, but they're stuff to talk
      about. ^.^


      Once in a while we receive a report about a bad binding. Out of literally
      thousands of books, we've shipped, sometimes one or two of them falls apart.
      This could be for a variety of reasons (improper storage in the warehouse
      being paramount), but it's by no means typical. My demo book from the first
      June 1999 printing has been put through some serious abuse and its binding
      is holding up fine, and the fact that we only get one report a year means
      less than 0.5% failure rate.

      If you feel your book's binding is falling apart, please mail your book to:

      Sanguine Productions Limited
      Attn: Quality Assurance
      2692 Madison Road #279
      Rookwood Pavilion
      Cincinnati, OH 45208

      We'll be happy to replace it.


      All you ever wanted to know about Lift Bonus. ^.^ ....

      From p. 162, under "Handedness":
      "Each weapon requires a certain number of hands on its grip to use it
      properly. The number of hands you need is dependent on your Lift Bonus and
      the size of the weapon. Stronger characters will be able to use larger
      weapons with greater facility than weaker ones can.
      Some weapons are Light and can be used in one hand with no penalties.
      Some weapons are Medium or "hand and a half" weapons. Such weapons can be
      used in two hands with no penalties. They can also be used one-handed, but
      then they are Awkward weapons and will have slower Initiative. (See
      "Awkwardness", earlier in this section.)
      Some weapons are Heavy and must be used in two hands and are always

      From p. 161, under "Easy":
      "Weapons that your character can use without undue penalties are called
      "Easy" Weapons.
      A weapon is "Easy" if and only if:
      . The weapon is used one-handed by a combatant whose Lift Bonus is at least
      equal to the weapon's "Light" Lift Bonus, OR in two hands by a combatant
      whose Lift Bonus is at least equal to the weapon's "Medium" Lift Bonus. ...

      From p., under "Awkwardness":
      "Some weapons, usually ones that you're not strong enough to use properly,
      are called awkward weapons. Awkward weapons may only be used with "Awkward
      When is a weapon Awkward?
      . When a very heavy weapon is used by a weak combatant. A combatant's
      weapon will be awkward if he or she only has enough of a Lift Bonus (q.v.)
      to use it in two hands awkwardly (I.E., only has enough Lift Bonus to
      qualify for "Heavy"). The weapon will also be awkward if the character only
      has enough Lift for the "Medium" rating and uses the weapon in only one
      hand. ..."

      p. 173:
      "Thrown Weapon ranges depend on the "Light" Handedness of the weapon and the
      Lift Bonus of the thrower. Use the difference between the throwers lift
      bonus and the weapon's "Light" Handedness to determine the range using the
      following table. If the weapon is not Light for the throwing character,
      then it cannot be thrown effectively."
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