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Steampunk Campain

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  • Picho
    I m currently working on a campaign using the ruleset of Ironclaw (2.0), but in a new setting. Its set in a world where time is bent inward upon itself, called
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2011
      I'm currently working on a campaign using the ruleset of Ironclaw (2.0), but in a new setting. Its set in a world where time is bent inward upon itself, called Chronoscape.

      There is a couple of things I'm looking for, which the first is vehicular combat. Currently I'm just going to be doing the combat as though each Airship or other vehicular is essentially a character with multiple actions based on the crew size.  I'm also looking for ideas for the ship (Its based kinda off the weatherlight from MTG. It uses magic instead of airbladders to fly), for missions for the players to undertake to earn D or steal the parts, or for NPCs to populate Ishanra until everyone is good enough with the system that we can start moving out of the city.

      I know this is a heavy separation from the original setting of Ironclaw.

      Here is some of my notes so far..

      Required for Airship

      Power Crystal - Airship needs at least a 2000 D crystal, but is designed for a 20000 D crystal. Better crystal, more power points you will have to destribute between devices. Power crystals provide 2 points per 0. Many functions take 1 point of energy.

      Shield Crystal - If flying several miles in the air on a piece of wood when a cannon ball bursts through your ship destroying your flight crystal sounds like good fun to you, skip this. If you like living, get one of these! A ship requires a least a 100 D shield crystal. You get 1 additional soak die (d8) per each 0 past the first. In otherwords a 100 D crystal will give you 1 d8. For every two 0, gives you 1 armor die (d8) up to three die.

      Flight Crystal - Can't call it an airship if it can't fly. For the ship you are starting off at, you need at least a 1500 D crystal. For every 0, you get 1 point of speed.

      Heat Crystal - At least one is needed for the �ther Collector, (a device that collects energy) Any others you collect would be for cooking food or controlling the climate of the ship. Perhaps you may find other uses for them. 50 D

      Ice Crystal - The opposite of a heat crystal. Helps preserve food, without at least one for your ice chest you may have to make many stops for food.

      Regen Crystal - Greatly helps in fixing any damage on the ship you may have taken.

      Cannon - Need these things to shoot other peoples ships. Make sure to get cannonballs!

      Important facts about the airship..

      Sails - These things collect sunlight, moonlight and �ther streams. Without them, your power crystal will quickly lose power. Remember, Moonlight is more powerful than sunlight for some purposes.

      Mast - This holds your main sail and rests above your �ther collector. If this goes down you are going to have a hard time keeping the ship up. The mast lays down on the ship when going into "jet mode". Suggested to also do this while fighting as your manuverability increases and your shields work a bit better too.

      Wing Sails - These sit on the sides of the airship, and look like wings. Flight crystal energy can be pumped into these to acctivate Jet Mode.

      Jet Mode - Winged Airships, such as yours, can go into a rapid speed flight. The wings fist extend, get pumped flight magics, then quickly retract unleashing the flight energy in a powerful burst.

      The �ther collector - This thing keeps power to your powercrystal. think of it as your alternator for an airship. The main power crystal is placed into this and kept under steam pressure to insure its usage. If the pressure ever goes too much, it might shatter the crystal, causing a micro-blackhole. If the pressure drops too fast the crystal might expand rapidly causing an explosion. Some �ther Collecters purposly create the black-hole and use it to create �ther for the rest of the ship. However your's is took weak and hob-cobbed together to do that.  


      Chornoscape -

      Players start in Ishanra.

      Ishanra is the largest of all cities in Chronoscape. While the population is mainly rabbits, any race comes here to make money. Some key names..

      Old Man Gruff- No one knows his real name, but he runs a pretty large tradeing company.. Often just called Old Gruff Trading Company.. yet no one really knows its name either. Some rumors suggest he is into some illicit trading. Rabbit.

      Madam Mim - An old fortune teller. Mim is unlike most other fortune tellers, and rarely speaks in ryme  or cryptic sayings. As a result, she is often thought of being one of the worst fortune tellers. Some people mutter though that she isn't a fortune teller, but a spell caster who uses magic to spy on people. Rabbit.

      Miss Murry - A rather drab woman who runs a pie shop. Her business has suddenly picked up. Some people think that they might have saw her with Old Man Gruff just before her business picked up. A putrid sent comes from her shop. Wolf

      Galorio - A barber known to be a gossiper. One of the few skunks who don't stink naturally.

      Ferrius - The captian of the guard of Ishanra, Oddly he seems to be everywhere easily. Jackle

      Soot Knife - A leader of a small rogue group. For some reason never gets arrested, but considering his group are terrible at thievery and stick mostly to mischief making.. its easy to see why. Rat

      Shade - Not much is known about shade, other than his name. Much like Ferrius, he appears almost anywhere. Ferret


      Path of the Sneak

      Mission 1 - Steal the Power Stone!

      Rumor has it Old man Gruff has gotten a hold of a powerstone and is getting ready to sell it on the blac market. Its unknown why he is selling it on the black market as its not something illegal to sell. The trade is going to happen tonight.

      Combat will probably happen in a few locations...

      1. OMG puts the crystal in a warehouse on the wharf guarded by a light guard.

      2 guards, +1 per 2 players +1d4 guards. Basic low level guards, nothing major. Players should be encouraged however to avoid combat.

      2. OMG is currently doing the trade of the powerstone to a currently unknown client at the warehouse.

      Enemies OMG, Unknown, +4 guards, +1 guard per 2 players + 2d4 guards. Players should be encouraged to do try to steal the crystal before or after the trade, when the number of guards goes down.

      3. UC is running off with the power crystal.

      UC, +2 guards + 1 for every two players. CHASE!

      If the players steal the crystal before the trade is done, the Rabbit mafia will start an investigation. If they are spotted and witness isn't killed or forced to forget before he can tell the mafia, the mafia will know where to look and begin chasing the players out of town.

      As a result it is best to go to not tell the players about this mission until they are nearly ready. The time OMG is going to do the trade should be the night when the PCs first hear of it.


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