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RE: [ironclaw] Magic and XP

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  • Kurt Miller
    tarotmage2002@netzero.net writes: Okay, need to get a ruling on something: From the core manual, p. 252: A character without a
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      "tarotmage2002@..." <tarotmage2002@...> writes:
      Okay, need to get a ruling on something:

      From the core manual, p. 252:
      "A character without a teacher and without a sreadable book /cannot/ add a
      new Wizard Trait or improve an existing one. They can improve their
      /current/ Spell-Casting Skills without any restrictions, but they cannot add
      /new/ ones without instruction -- thus, they may become Adept at enough
      spells to 'unlock' a higher-ranking List, but they will not be able to learn
      any Spell-Casting Skill in the new list unless they can get a teacher or a
      book for study."

      One of the PCs in my campaign is a G&P mage who's Adept at three
      Apprentice-level spells but currently has neither teacher nor spellbook --
      long story short, his book was stolen. He has put no points into learning
      any of the other Apprentice spells. With his G&P Career die, he has access
      to the entire Apprentice spell list -- does that mean that other Apprentice
      spells fall under "/current/ Spell-Casting Skills"? Can he spend XP on
      learning/improving them?

      As it states in the core rulebook, a character who has at least a d4 in a
      Wizard career knows all the Apprentice-level spells for that career. Without
      a book or a mentor, the character can practice the spells they know and
      improve both their Wizard Career and Spellcasting dice, but cannot learn new
      spells or advance beyond Apprentice level.

      Your Obedient Servant,
      Kurt Miller

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