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Skunk Spray

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  • realnrh
    I play Ironclaw only rarely. Specifically, there s no one in my local area who plays it, so I ve only been able to play it at cons. [Yes, subtle request for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2003
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      I play Ironclaw only rarely. Specifically, there's no one in my local
      area who plays it, so I've only been able to play it at cons.

      [Yes, subtle request for help finding local players in the Baltimore
      area, or Internet groups. I started looking through the archives, but
      12000 messages is a tad daunting. Perhaps some Good Samaritan might be
      willing to put up some Yahoo groups dealing with the issue in the
      Links section?]

      Anyhow. In Ironclaw, I've generally played a skunk mercenary. With
      maximum racial dice, then with 'spraying' pumped to the limit. As you
      can no doubt guess, this has left him with the Anus Of Doom. Much as I
      like being able to take people down from long range for several
      rounds, I admit that it may be a tad unbalancing.

      One solution I came up with was this; when using the Spray ability,
      roll the racial die. The result of that roll indicates how many musk
      points you actually get to use; that number of points may then be
      apportioned among targets as desired. Furthermore, the sprayer as well
      as the sprayee is subject to the 'stinks until after a bath' problem.
      Possible social penalties for being known to use it might be
      applicable, too; people might very well consider it a very dirty form
      of fighting. "No, you can't drink in my bar - I'm not taking the
      chance of you getting into a brawl and stinking up the place!"

      Also, being able to roll xdy (x = # of musk points spent, y = die
      size) to attack with the scent, which the opponent must oppose as
      damage using only the body die, seems a bit painful. If a skunk or
      civet (etc) has enough points, they can shoot someone with three musk
      points; that person opposes with their body die only, so they've got
      two guaranteed losses, modulo the sprayer's odds of rolling a 1. For a
      different mechanic, I'd make it a standard roll; the sprayer gets to
      roll as many dice as they want, the sprayee rolls their dice. If the
      sprayer wins the roll, the sprayee is incapacitated for as many rounds
      as the difference between their rolls. On a tie or loss, the sprayee
      is able to deal with the stink and doesn't have to worry about spray
      from that skunk until after the spray has worn off - they've already
      gotten hit, so they've shown they can handle that smell for the moment.

      So, there's my two cents. I love the game, and I think the dice-size
      mechanic makes {Iron|Jade}Claw one of my favorite, most-balanced
      systems; I just feel that spraying needs perhaps a little tweaking.

      - NRH
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