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Lend me your ears (some of you have to spare!) I've some more characters brewing, and hope to post them soon. I get a lot of my inspiration from watching
Eric Funk Antispam
Aug 9, 2014

Furry Fandom Kickstarter -- Mouse Guard board game

Greetings, I know it's tangential, but this group has been quiet lately. Mouse Guard board game:
Eric Funk Antispam
Jul 23, 2014

Menagerie 182 Used... Lizard salesman

Surprisingly not a polecat... one does not wish to be prejudiced! #182 Role : Used Lizard salesman Name : Race : Lion Class : Merchant Habitat: Plains Cycle:
Eric Funk Antispam
Jun 20, 2014

Menagerie 181 Tutor

May not be exciting... but if successful could be highly sought after, sometimes for information about prior employers... #181 Role :Tutor Name : Race : Boar
Eric Funk Antispam
Jun 19, 2014

The Sanguine forum

Of course! Sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't commonly known. The Sanguine forums are at sanguinegames.com/forum/index.php , and all of you are welcome there.
Richard Hughes
May 21, 2014

Re: Digest Number 3117

... ... Could you post a link to the forumn? ======================================================== -Coyt "The Internet, billions of electrons with
Coyt Watters
May 20, 2014

Re: Ironclaw/Jadeclaw 2e Errata consolidation project

Eric, thanks for your collection of errata. I'll check it against ours and add anything you've got that we missed. I encourage you to get an account on our
Richard Hughes
May 19, 2014

Menagerie 180 - Ninja (wannabe)

Perhaps the sage's brother -- tries so hard to be sneaky... (Set darkness levels to 1/10) #180 Role : Ninja? Name : Race : Rhinoceros Class : Bandit Habitat:
Eric Funk Antispam
May 18, 2014

Re: Ironclaw/Jadeclaw 2e Errata consolidation project

A few comments: Natural Gifts: At the end of the day, your GH will have to rule on this ambiguity. I could see this as a "with special permission from the
Kevin Clark
May 18, 2014

Menagerie 179 - Clark/stenographer

#179 Role : Clark / Stenographer Name : Race : Rhinocerous Class : Scholar Habitat: Plains Cycle: Twilight Species : d6 Career : d8 Body : d6* Speed :d8 Mind :
Eric Funk Antispam
May 17, 2014

Ironclaw/Jadeclaw 2e Errata consolidation project

... I don't have an account on your forums. here is the list i collected on my first read of the book a year ago: IC Errata 0.04 In the interim, I'm bothered
Eric Funk Antispam
May 15, 2014

Menagerie 178 - Announcer

#178 Role : Announcer Name : Race : Dhole Class : Vagabond Habitat: Forest Cycle: Day Species : d4 Career : d8 Body : d6 Speed :d8 Mind : d6 Will : d6
Eric Funk Antispam
May 11, 2014

Ironclaw/Jadeclaw 2e Errata consolidation project

Good people, I'm Sanguine's editor, Richard Hughes. We're undertaking an effort to collect all errors in the second edition Ironclaw books - Omnibus, Book of
May 7, 2014

Menagerie 177 - Factory worker

I'm not sure why, but I somehow envision the Triskellan setting similar to georgian era london, just before the industrial revolution... Sadly, many
Eric Funk Antispam
May 6, 2014

Menagerie 176 - Educator

This person's job is to convey a basic education to a young crowd. For the simple peasant life, or the very young in cities, youths needed a basic education on
Eric Funk Antispam
May 5, 2014
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