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Re: BETA TEST - New scripts and binaries interesting to EMBEDDED Owners

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  • ve7ltd
    My error - The uncompressed reflectors are: 9003 - Main test platform 9200 9739 9754 Dave ... into ... for ... without ... many ... in ... scrambled ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 28, 2008
      My error - The uncompressed reflectors are:

      9003 - Main test platform


      --- In irlp-embedded@yahoogroups.com, "ve7ltd" <dcameron@...> wrote:
      > There is a new release of code for testing. I want to roll this
      > main stream use as quickly as possible.
      > The imike/ispeaker binaries supplied should fix the following
      > 1) Supports GSM, ADPCM, and UNCOMPRESSED codecs in half and full
      > duplex (also has CELP codec, but not used widely)
      > 2) Supports and implements a small jitter buffer (which gets rid of
      > some clicking noises on nodes with CTCSS or hum) This also makes
      > cleaner audio all around, all with the expense of about 100
      > milliseconds delay.
      > 3) Implements the control packets STATIONID tag, for collection of
      > data about nodes connected to a reflector.
      > The new scripts fix some bugs, including:
      > 1) Adds a maximum 2 second wait for the node to download the
      > stnxxxxon.wav ID file (if it exists) from the servers if there is a
      > new file or update to the file.
      > 2) Adds the ability for embedded nodes to run custom ID files
      > worrying about filling the drive by removing files after use. (You
      > can safely set PLAY_CUSTOM_IDS to YES in the environment files)
      > I have decided to mothball the "streaming ID" project due to too
      > variables and opposition from custom systems. There is very little
      > change to the ID system besides the delay and some code cleanup.
      > To implement and take part in the beta, please implement the beta
      > files on your node by performing the following steps after logging
      > as root (or repeater):
      > su - repeater
      > rsync -Waz irlp.net::beta /home/irlp/
      > The uncompressed codec is activated by setting the DEFAULTCODEC in
      > your environment file to UNCOMP or UNCOMP_FD (for full duplex).
      > Some reflectors for testing the uncompressed codec include:
      > 9004 - Main test platform
      > 9200
      > 9739
      > 9755
      > Trying to connect to these systems without applying the update may
      > result in unpredictable results! Worst case will be hearing
      > audio or dead keyups.
      > Also point to point nodes need to be tested for compliance of the
      > full duplex codecs. If you have two full duplex capable nodes, any
      > playing you can do would be great. I will be able to monitor 1010
      > (full duplex embedded node, set to UNCOMP_FD) and 1000 (non-
      > set to UNCOMP_FD) after 5pm Pacific.
      > NOTE: Your node will return to the normal files overnight during
      > update, or you can force it by typing:
      > su - repeater
      > ./scripts/update files
      > The binaries are very similar to the last set that was tested
      > over the past few months, so this BETA cycle will be fairly short,
      > that everyone can enjoy the new features.
      > Please report any bugs/problems to dcameron@... Please feel
      > free to use the yahoo group to discuss tests and to organize tests.
      > Dave Cameron
      > VE7LTD
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