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Re: [irlp] IRLP APRS Status Script: Multiconnect Bug?

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    re the IRLP APRS status script... (originally posted on the regular IRLP list) re the IRLP APRS status script... ... The IRLP APRS status script
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2008
      re the IRLP APRS status script...
      (originally posted on the regular IRLP list)

      re the IRLP APRS status script...

      > Looking at the code of the IRLP APRS script (last version 4.0 )
      > reveals that it is using netcat to send the APRS object to the
      > APRS-IS. The default DNS address is rotate.aprs2.net.
      > Netcat seems to establish a new connection to rotate.aprs2.net without
      > disconnecting the previous connections. After a day or so the IRLP
      > APRS script maintains a tcp connection with all Tier 2 servers in the
      > rotate list. All but the most recent connection are useless and
      > hanging. They waste resources of the systems at both ends.

      The IRLP APRS status script aprs_status-4.0.tgz can be downloaded
      Randy KC6HUR at http://irlp.kc6hur.net/irlp_scripts.php.

      First, I am using this script and my own tests show that the script at
      least on my node does not stay connected after sending the APRS object.
      However, many other IRLP nodes are staying connected. This is not a
      "fix" for that, but at least if you change from rotate.aprs2.net to a
      specific APRS server, you will only be connected to one server and not
      to many. For people not familiar with the APRS servers and not knowing
      which one to choose, view a lists of the Tier 2 servers at the following
      URL: www.aprs2.net

      I have been using aprswest.aprs2.net for some time. Just edit
      aprs_status.conf in the custom folder to make the change. Look for
      "export APRS_SERVER" about a couple of dozen lines before the end
      of the file. The port (set just below there) is of course port 14580.

      In the file aprs_status.conf, the last line actually connects to the
      APRS server and sends the APRS object... split into 2 lines here:

      echo -e "${LOGIN}\n${BTEXT}" | $NC -w 10 $APRS_SERVER
      $APRS_PORT &>/dev/null

      I temporarily removed the "-w 10" and the script stayed connected. With
      it back in there, it would send the object and disconnect automatically
      after a few seconds. I don't know if there is a command that can be used
      to tell netcat to disconnect. If there is, that would be a good
      addition. I suppose an alternative would be to The script as I am using
      it seems to behave itself and disconnect when it is finished sending the
      object. As mentioned above, at the very least, you can change to use
      just one server instead of the default "rotate" server which was really
      just DNS set up to choose from one of a bunch of servers.

      I'll post a separate message with some changes to do to aprs_status to
      make it more compatible with D7 / D700 D710 radios.

      I BCCd this message to Randy KC6HUR. Randy, would it be possible to
      update the script to put in a specific server insted of

      Keith VE7GDH
      Node 1148
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