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Re: Some changes to the Embedded IRLP systems

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  • ve7ltd
    The problems I have with your requests are: 1) I am not a web programmer. I built the framework required to add to the web interface, but have not done so
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 13 9:10 AM
      The problems I have with your requests are:

      1) I am not a web programmer. I built the framework required to add
      to the web interface, but have not done so myself. If some people
      want to help build a nice framed control page for the embedded nodes,
      I will build the backend to make sure it works. This could include
      features like initial setup, passwords, logfile viewing, etc. It will
      continue to run using PHP.

      The node control interface used by the micronode is a proprieatary
      piece, and it can not be implemented on the embedded node without
      permission. Also perl and other plug ins are required to run that
      interface, which are not part of the OS on the embedded nodes.

      Options can be added as a default set, and then turned off/on as
      required. Most scripts are easy add-ons in the shell, but adding them
      from the web interface is risky.

      2) I can send you a rack case and a list of directions if you supply
      me with the exact parts you have in your node currently. The problem
      I may have is that the rack cases I have are all matched for the
      latest embedded node boards, and I may not have the proper IO panels
      to make it work.

      3) Can you explain this more? I may be able to make a system wherby
      you send me the text, and I send back the MP3 within seconds, using
      cepstral or one of the other text-to-speech engines. That way the
      node does not need the storage (or should have lots of room).


      Dave Cameron

      --- In irlp-embedded@yahoogroups.com, "Mike Mullarkey" <k7pfj@...>
      > Hi Dave,
      > You always have been Johnny on the spot when it comes to the
      support of the
      > embedded machines and have been very happy with the one I
      purchased. Since
      > were on the topic of changes to the embedded nodes. If I had a wish
      > First, I wish I knew more about Linux but I won't bother you with
      my lack of
      > knowledge of Linux.
      > #1 my wish list I would want to have a web browser based GUI that
      we could
      > implement features sets and add options. The people that have the
      > for the Micro Node are cool but never used it before. I think I
      could speak
      > for all of us that have a limited knowledge about Linux would be
      willing to
      > pay hardware upgrade's etc to see this feature added.
      > #2 many of us now have Ethernet available at the hilltop now and
      > for myself, I would like to change the guts of my machine into a 1U
      > mount case.
      > #3 Figure out a way to implement a Weather alert SAME type system
      that could
      > pull the information from some remote server not adjacent to the
      > node on the hilltop. If the is Memory or a bigger flash I would be
      all in on
      > that as well.
      > Mike Mullarkey (K7PFJ)
      > Node 3003
      > _____
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      > On Behalf Of Craig
      > Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2008 5:14 PM
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      > Subject: [irlp-embedded] Re: Some changes to the Embedded IRLP
      > Can you upload the files you modified to the files area of this
      > and tell us how to install them?
      > James Nessen wrote:
      > >
      > > Yeah, super easy to implement, we built that functionality
      > > into our web admin page to change channels on our link radios
      > > (Motorola CDM radios). I added 4 buttons to the web admin page
      > > that basically calls a script to toggle the appropriate aux ports\
      > > on/off which inturn causes the radio to change channels.
      > >
      > > Jim / K6JWN
      > >
      > Craig wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi Dave! I would really like to be able to change the
      > > AUX 2 & 3 output signals by simply pushing a button
      > > on the remote admin web page. Push buttons to take
      > > the signals high, low and pulse low would be great.
      > > >
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