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Re: [irlp-embedded] Ctcss tone for link radio

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  • Ken Arck
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 11, 2008
      >>vk4mih wrote:
      >> > Can anyone tell me if there using a RC210 repeater controller with IRLP
      >> > link radio and if this controller will encode ctcss to open the link
      >> > radio on the IRLP net work The link radio is a Motorola GM339

      <----The RC210 does not have its own on-board CTCSS encoder (or
      decoder for that matter). Our RC810 does however.

      That being said.....the RC210 *does* provide a logic output that is
      normally used to controller an external encoder. In many cases, if
      your radio has an internal encoder it is usually a simple matter of
      making a simple mod to allow the '210 to control encoded tone.

      I'm not overly familiar with the GM339 - is it possible to program it
      to allow and external signal to enable or disable encoded tone? If
      so, this may be the simplest way to accomplish your task.

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