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Re: [irlp-embedded] Re: Silence is deafening :)

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  • David Cameron - IRLP
    The double beep is a feature, such that all traffic from the controller (internet IRLP, etc) plays a double beep. Local traffic plays a single beep. You can
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 30, 2006
      The double beep is a feature, such that all traffic from the
      "controller" (internet IRLP, etc) plays a double beep.

      Local traffic plays a single beep. You can change that if you want by
      copying the ct1.raw file to the ct2.raw file. If there is a logic issue, I
      would watch on the readinput system to see if COS is being interrupted.

      As for PL decode/squelch:

      1) Yes it is possible, BUT, the problem is that the input audio would have
      to be send straight from the receiver (pre-emphasized and unsquelched).

      2) Anything to do with software DSP decoding is processor intensive, and
      requires full access to the sound card.

      3) Why replace a perfectly good squelch ciruit in the MASTR-II :)

      There are limitation to a software controller. There are definately things
      it will not be able to do.

      The software PL I may play around with, moreso for a control feature. Of
      course we should be stripping off the PL from the audio BEFORE it gets
      that far.

      The watchdog should be external to the board. You could use the AUX3 pin
      to trigger a timer, and if that timer expires, it reboots the computer. It
      could even run off one of the unused parallel port pins I am sure.

      You would then have some type of system looking for a transistion of the
      AUX3 output. I would be suprised if you could get the computer to lock up
      in the first place. Anything that would cause a lockup would surely be
      hardware related, in which case a reboot would not fix it.... Although it
      may set the PTT back to normal.

      Dave Cameron

      On Wed, 30 Aug 2006,
      Tim Sawyer wrote:

      > I really like the embedded node. It's been running for a few days now
      > and I'm happy with it.
      > The Version 3 IRLP board is much improved. I had to level shift the
      > TTL I/O's on my old rev 1 board. The rev 3 board connected right up to
      > our GE MSTR II without any "hangies". Nice.
      > The audio card seems to have a good mixer. The audio from various
      > sources blends smoothly. Full duplex operation is perfect.
      > I'm using the embedded node as the repeater controller. It's working
      > out really well. The courtesy tone has a small logic problem which I
      > haven't sorted out yet... it double beeps at times. Maybe there needs
      > to be some logic that prevents a courtesy if there is COS. Also, there
      > may be some strange ID behavior but I haven't pinned it down.
      > One suggestion would be to add hardware watch dog timer to reboot if
      > something goes badly awry. Maybe the motherboard has this built in. If
      > so all you'd have to do is initalize it for something like 5 minutes
      > and then tickle it every couple of minutes.
      > It would be cool if the sound card could be programmed to detect P/L
      > for software control of P/L decoding. Likewise, it would be nice if
      > the sound card could detect noise which would allow software squelch
      > control and COS detection. Not sure if the sound card is capable of
      > this but it sure would lead to a full-blowen repeater controller if it
      > was.
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      >> Any comments/questions about your new embedded nodes (the ones of you
      >> who have gotten them).
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