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Re: [irlp-embedded] Slackware question

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Randy KC6HUR wrote... ... Thanks for that. I appreciate you taking the time to give the why as well as the what ... I have started logging in as repeater
    Message 1 of 6 , Apr 12, 2007
      Randy KC6HUR wrote...

      > It is better to "su - repeater" as this will cause the shell to load the
      > irlp environment file which makes using irlp commands much easier. Not
      > all custom script check to see if the environment has been loaded.
      > But then, it is my opinion that the best way is to login as repeater
      > then become root by doing "su -" when needed. Much safer to work this...

      Thanks for that. I appreciate you taking the time to give the "why" as well
      as the "what"... I have started logging in as repeater instead of as root,
      but I do find it a bit of a pain having to enter the password every time I
      want to "su -" though.

      > way. Or configure repeater to be a part of the wheel group (use: vigr to
      > edit the group file) then edit the sudoer file to enable the wheel group
      > (use: visudo which will edit the sudoer file). Then always login as
      > repeater and if there is something that needs to be done by root, just
      > do: sudo command and the system gives you root privs for that command.

      I couldn't find vigr on the embedded node but I looked at it on it on
      another server that has it. However, I didn't understand everything that I
      saw in it. Perhaps I'll consider disable logging in as root...
      http://garymcduffie.com/irlp/#norootlogin I presume I could still log in as
      repeater but still "su - root". I'm all for making things safer, but it was
      easier logging in as root and only having to enter the password once - hi!

      Keith VE7GDH
      Node 1148
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