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Re: [irlp-embedded] Jeeze Louise, It's practically impossible to buy IRLP

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Mike (KC7VE?) wrote... ... I see in a later post you indicated that you ordered one. I m sure you will be happy with it. ... You will need an SSH client such
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 22, 2009
      Mike (KC7VE?) wrote...

      > :-) <-- Requisite smilie

      I see in a later post you indicated that you ordered one. I'm sure you
      will be happy with it.

      > 3) Dave did tell me that... most people use SSH. Exactly what is
      > required in establishing that connection?

      You will need an SSH client such as PuTTy and an Inteernet connection...
      or be on the same network as the node, in which case you ciykd connect
      to the local IP address.

      > As far as I know, my configuration will be
      > TheRadio --> EmbeddedNode --> InternetRouter --> USB_Broadband
      > So my question with regards to 3, is how are file transfers made.
      > Nothing in this allows such a transfer. Would I make the connection
      > via another computer connected by Wi-Fi (from the router), or would I
      > be disconnecting the router and connecting a computer to the
      > EmbeddedNode, or would I be using the Com ports? It's not clear how
      > files are transferred to the embedded node. Can someone walk me
      > through this?

      You could use WinSCP for file transferrs. No need to disconnect
      anything. If you are on the same network, just connect to the local IP
      address. If you are somewhere else, just connect to stnXXXX.ip.irlp.net
      with XXX replaced with your node number. As long as your port
      forwarrding is set up correctly, you will ne able to connect. For
      security reasons, place SSH on a non-standard port.

      > 4) Dave also said I would have to configure the node by, "You will
      > have to set up the proper networking in the IRLP node to talk to your
      > router. This will include providing an IP address to the node, either
      > entered statically or via DHCP, and forwarding ports through your
      > router."

      It's all part of the setup. If you use a fixed IP, you won't have to
      worry about DHCP changing the IP on you.

      > Again, how would I configure the node? What is the connection method?
      > Would it be by modifying a script file and then transferring it to the
      > embedded node via SSH? Can someone walk me through how I'd be
      > configuring the IRLP node with the IP info?

      Being an embedded node, most of the configuration will be done for you.
      Still, you will need to follow the enclosed instructions to finish i
      off. I'm not sure what you are transferring to the node, unless you are
      referring to the custom audio files. You can transfeer them usiing

      The connection is by TCPIP.

      > 5) The embedded node information page talks about various scripts that
      > can be run for admin control. I can't imagine being able to do that,
      > unless there is a monitor and/or keyboard attached.

      You can of course connect a monitor and keyboard, but it's easier to
      just connect to it using SSH.

      > 6) When the embedded node arrives, assuming I can every purchase one
      > :-), how much additional setup and configuration can be expected on my
      > end, using it in simplex mode. I will be using a GM300 on one end and
      > a CradlePoint router (CTR500), with USB Broadband card on the other
      > end, for the internet connection.

      You will need to make up an interface cable to go to the radio...
      ground, transmit audio, receive audio, PTT and COS.

      > 7) Is there a document somewhere that discusses using the
      > EmbeddedNode? How to use it, how to connect to it, how to load files,
      > etc?

      Everything will be a lot more apparent when you receive it and read the
      accompanying documentation. Even though it's an embedded node, you could
      still go to www.irlp.net/faq.html and www.irlp.net/new-install/ and do
      some reading.

      Keith VE7GDH
      Node 1148
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