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Re: New Embeded node :)

I would think that it would be set up as STAR * but not positive. eg:*123456 73 to disconnect from either IRLP or Echolink. You might want to try setting
May 16, 2015

New Embeded node :)

Hello everyone, New to list here. I bought a new embeded node in March but was unable to get it to the site until Wednesday. I also have Echolink on the node
May 13, 2015

New desk case

I have changed the case that the base unit comes with. You can see the pictures of the case options as Index of /embedded/ng-pics
May 7, 2015

Re: APRS on Debian Embedded Node

For those that would like to know the outcome to my APRS not beaconing on my Embedded node that I had upgraded to a Debian node. Two changes were made and it
Apr 1, 2015

Re: APRS on Debian Embedded Node

Thanks Keith. I will email you my scripts and you can have a look at your leisure. Don VE7EDA
Mar 21, 2015

Re: APRS on Debian Embedded Node

Thanks Rick. Owner is repeater and it works using DTMF if [ "$1" = "C5" ] ; then "$CUSTOM"/aprs_status ; exit 1 ; fi Changed the last line in aprs_status to
Mar 21, 2015

Re: APRS on Debian Embedded Node

Don VE7EDA wrote... ... Hiya Don! Is it the cron job that is the problem, or the script? Can you run the script manually as repeater?
Keith VE7GDH
Mar 21, 2015

Re: APRS on Debian Embedded Node

Who owns the cron job? It should be repeater. Check ownership... test the entire command string as repeater. It works, I'm using it on a similar platform.
Mar 21, 2015

APRS on Debian Embedded Node

Anyone having an luck with the APRS script under Debian? This is an upgraded embedded node which is now running Debian. Trying the same custom.cron file that
Mar 21, 2015

Re: Node 8023

I've been working on Bill's Node 8023. He bought this from someone in TX. It was a working Node on a repeater. I have removed several hardware Mods that were
Mar 4, 2015

Setting up node

I am setting up my node that has been down for a while, I managed to reset all the settings for my new area as I am in a different province now. I am having
Feb 25, 2015

Re: Default Number of Connections

You can connect to only one destination. But that destination can be a reflector, which can have any number of nodes connected to it. In Echolink mode, you can
David Cameron
Jan 25, 2015

Default Number of Connections

Hello! What is the default number of incoming connections allowed (stations, repeaters or links) for an embedded node? Thanks and 73 - Rich N5CSU
Jan 25, 2015

Re: Mobile IRLP Node stopped working

Problem solved: The problem turned out to be in the access point. It just stopped working with my cell dongle. Not a setup issue; just no longer working.
Jan 17, 2015

Re: NODE 3600 does not completely reboot and isn't working

The keyring update script was only for Reflectors, not for nodes. You likely will not have a problem like this again on your node. The problem was several
David Cameron
Jan 10, 2015
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