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947Re: [irlp-embedded] Embedded Node to RC210 Controller ECHO Effect

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  • David Cameron IRLP
    Jan 10, 2009
      Have you contacted Ken Arck and asked him his opinion? It sounds to me
      like you have the port for IRLP not set right.

      Dave Cameron

      garyp609 wrote:
      > I have an embedded node hooked directly to port 3 of my Arcom
      > controller. Port 1 & 2 are Kenwood TKR repeaters. When I link the
      > embedded node to port 1 or 2 I get a slight echo effect. By turning off
      > port 3 in the Arcom controller and just leaving port 1 & 2 on and
      > linked together the audio is fine. Is there a setting in the embedded
      > node that I need to set because it's hook directly to a repeater
      > controller? I have checked aumix and the only 'R' is on LINE and it is
      > at zero. I have Volume, PCM and IGAIN controls enabled. All other
      > sliders are zeroed. Also if this helps. I get an echo effect on the wav
      > file played when a user times out on EchoLink. Any help would be
      > appreciated.
      > Thanks & 73's
      > Gary
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