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943Embedded Node to RC210 Controller ECHO Effect

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  • garyp609
    Jan 9, 2009
      I have an embedded node hooked directly to port 3 of my Arcom
      controller. Port 1 & 2 are Kenwood TKR repeaters. When I link the
      embedded node to port 1 or 2 I get a slight echo effect. By turning off
      port 3 in the Arcom controller and just leaving port 1 & 2 on and
      linked together the audio is fine. Is there a setting in the embedded
      node that I need to set because it's hook directly to a repeater
      controller? I have checked aumix and the only 'R' is on LINE and it is
      at zero. I have Volume, PCM and IGAIN controls enabled. All other
      sliders are zeroed. Also if this helps. I get an echo effect on the wav
      file played when a user times out on EchoLink. Any help would be
      Thanks & 73's
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