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934Re: Is the flash optimized IRLP generally available?

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  • k9dc
    Dec 17, 2008
      --- In irlp-embedded@yahoogroups.com, "n8vjp" <n8vjp@...> wrote:

      > Since you have created you own two, how did you address the issue of
      > limiting read/writes to the flash device?

      I built a node for my mobile repeater based upon the VIA LN series
      motherboard, using a 2 GB IDE flash drive. I customized the Linux
      installation using no swap partition. The machine has 1 GB of RAM
      (was only $8 more than 512M) The only other thing I did was
      create another small ramdisk partition for /home/irlp/run where the
      audio files are ground up. but in the grand scheme of things I doubt
      that makes much difference.

      I found that IRLP CentOS, had some strange audio artifacts on some
      wav files. So I went back to FC3, which works perfect.

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