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933RE: [irlp-embedded] Re: Is the flash optimized IRLP generally available?

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  • Rick Bates
    Dec 11, 2008

      With the cost of computer memory so darn cheap (2 gig sticks for $24 lately even in the laptop flavor) wouldn’t it make sense to use the flash device as a boot only device and then not worry about it (no external swap space)?  Am I missing the point?

      The only time you’d have to write to the flash chip is when you updated the kernel and/or support software.  That can’t be all THAT often, even with nightly updates.  While I wouldn’t want to trust it on a hilltop with known lightning activity (Murhpy’s law says they’re still fragile for that environment) it should be fine where there is quick access (closet, RV, garage).

      Is there a control that can be tripped so that if you want to shut down a hard drive (if you used that for booting) you could to save the energy (and bearings)?  Potential risks with that?



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      Also, if you have enough RAM in the machine to support everything, not
      running any SWAP space on the "disk", would mean read/writes are
      minimized. You could get crazy and turn off things like logging, etc...
      if you were really worried.


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