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932Re: [irlp-embedded] Re: Is the flash optimized IRLP generally available?

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  • Randy Hammock
    Dec 11, 2008
      On Dec 11, 2008, at 10:34 AM, n8vjp wrote:

      > I understand the need to compile the kernel with support for the
      > various hardware devices present. I guess I was hoping that one of
      > three responses would be given...
      > 1) There was a CD iso build used to create the embedded install.
      > 2) The embedded build was compatible with my VIA EPIA CL6000E
      > 3) The scripts/programs needed to make a standard IRLP build run/sync
      > from/to RAM would be available.

      There is a utility that copies all updates from the RAM back onto the
      CF for later reboots. The OS is basically compiled and a directory
      tree is configured to look like the structure used to make a Hard
      Drive operate. That is then converted into an image file that is saved
      to the CF along with other utilities that will boot , configure the
      RAM, copy the image to RAM from the CF, start the image running, then
      the CF is unmounted, so that it cannot be accessed unless it is
      mounted. This keeps the CF from being used except when needed.

      Bear in mind, custom ID files are not used, no PERL, PHP, apache and
      other restrictions apply due to memory/CF storage limitations.

      > Since you have created you own two, how did you address the issue of
      > limiting read/writes to the flash device?

      Only special boot loaders run from the CF but these do not do any
      writing to the CF. As mentioned above, the OS image is copied from the
      CF into RAM and that is what gets run.

      Want to learn something about building an embedded system take a look
      at the Limey-Linux site: http://limeylinux.org

      Randy Hammock KC6HUR
      If there are no horses in heaven, then when I die, I want to go where
      they went.
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