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931Re: [irlp-embedded] Re: Is the flash optimized IRLP generally available?

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  • Nate Duehr
    Dec 11, 2008
      n8vjp wrote:

      > Thanks for the reply. I do have it running from a 2GB compact flash
      > right now (Sandisk Extreme IV, faster than most notebook HDD), but
      > maybe I am just overly paranoid about the read/write cycles. While I
      > appreciate the offer of the preloaded Flash drive, I have a total
      > investment into this box (all New Old Stock) of under $100, doubling
      > that to support the OS is a little beyond my current scope.


      Most consumer grade flash stuff nowadays has "load leveling" to keep
      from burning out a group of flash before the rest. But it's in
      "blocks", and each manufacturer picks their size.

      So *in general* you don't have to worry about it as much anymore. Just
      watch for disk I/O errors, and have backups and be prepared to replace
      the flash device if it acts up at all.

      Also, if you have enough RAM in the machine to support everything, not
      running any SWAP space on the "disk", would mean read/writes are
      minimized. You could get crazy and turn off things like logging, etc...
      if you were really worried.

      As one person who is in our local Linux Users Group here put it... "With
      16GB flash sticks going for $19.95 this Christmas, I just don't care
      anymore... keep backups of important stuff, throw the flash away when it
      finally dies and reload."

      Your mileage may vary, of course... depending on who's flash devices and
      how smart they are... and sometimes the "name brand" doesn't even knkow,
      since they're relying on the chipset manufacturer... so finding specs on
      it all is nigh impossible, on most of the cheaper stuff. :-)

      Nate WY0X
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