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930Re: Is the flash optimized IRLP generally available?

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  • n8vjp
    Dec 11 1:10 PM
      > Of course you could use a 4GB flash device, and just load it onto the
      > flash drive, and run it from there. The concept of read/write cycles
      > (which is not the issue it used to be) led me to designing my systems
      > they way I do.


      Thanks for the reply. I do have it running from a 2GB compact flash
      right now (Sandisk Extreme IV, faster than most notebook HDD), but
      maybe I am just overly paranoid about the read/write cycles. While I
      appreciate the offer of the preloaded Flash drive, I have a total
      investment into this box (all New Old Stock) of under $100, doubling
      that to support the OS is a little beyond my current scope.

      I'll keep plugging along with what I've got. I also have the CF
      cloned to a 3GB Notebook HDD, which sits nearby in case the CF fails.

      Thanks again for the replies.

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