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1881Re: [irlp-embedded] Re: Announcing - Next Generation Embedded Node

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  • David Cameron (IRLP)
    May 13, 2014
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      I am working on a solution for a 2, 4, or 8 Gig IDE flash drive. It will
      be similar to the CentOS 4 one I used to offer, only specialized for the
      VIA hardware.

      Dave Cameron

      On 13/05/2014 7:16 AM, wa1nvc@... [irlp-embedded] wrote:
      > I would envision the "upgrade" for the older embedded node to be a new
      > larger solid state HDD and the same software package as is offered on
      > the new units.
      > This would allow you to only have to support one software package on
      > embedded nodes.
      > FYI: I have an 8 GB drive available. I was thinking of doing a backup
      > for reinstall, replacing the solid state HDD with my new one and trying
      > a standard install with no swap option. Would this work?
      > Roger
      > WA1NVC
      > P.S. I'm willing to test when you have a package ready.
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