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1876Re: [irlp-embedded] Re: VPN on Embedded Node

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  • David McAnally
    Apr 29, 2014
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      I've concluded the free version of ProXPN will not work with IRLP nodes for VPN.  They require a web browser to click through an upgrade "nag" browser screen, before they allocate the VPN.  And even then, not every application works on Windows.

      The paid subscription works fine on IRLP Debian 10.x, with either PPTP or OpenVPN. I've tested both now.

      Setting up OpenVPN takes more effort.  ProXPN does not provide instructions, or direct access to the configuration/key files for OpenVPN.  And really no instructions for PPTP setup on Linux, except to say it can be used.  You can extract the OpenVPN config files from the MaxOS version that they provide for download. Make an edit or two, and then run OpenVPN.

      I suspect StrongVPN will work too. They appear to provide better or more instructions.  But I've not tried them.

      David McAnally

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