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1862Re: [irlp-embedded] Clock off 6 minutes

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  • David Cameron
    Feb 10, 2014
      It had the same hardware, but different software than an embedded node. Honestly, your node is no different than any other node running CentOS 5.

      As far as "embedded" is concerned, the software has specific things in it (like flash_sync, the set-time script, etc) that your node does not have.

      Dave Cameron

      On 10/02/2014 8:25 AM, Keith VE7GDH wrote:

      Dave VE7LTD wrote...

      > Your node is not really an emebedded node, as it is running
      > a 2G IDE flash drive. It is running CentOS5, and thus it has
      > NTP installed, and you should not need to change anything.

      Thanks for the info. I'll leave check-time alone. Ummm... if
      the embedded nodes that upgraded to the larger flash drive are
      no longer embedded nodes, what was the criteria for the original
      ones being classified as embedded?

      Keith VE7GDH
      Node 1148

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