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  • wh7coldduck
    Jan 10, 2014
      I was in error. Now that Troubleshoot-irlp is working, I am able to remotely get in with putty and WinSCP so the system is allowing ssh connection to the embedded node. Still no audio back.

      --- In irlp-embedded@yahoogroups.com, "wh7coldduck" <thecoldduck@...> wrote:
      > We have been trying to get node 3212 running here in Hawaii behind a private network which is connected to the Time Warner system here. We have finally got the ISP set up with all the boxes forwarding to our box such that the troubleshoot-irlp passes all tests (except 10 because we have echoirlp running). I was told by Dave C. that if this occurs, the node should work. I test via echolink to our node 3024 since I can monitor it here in Hawaii by connecting my laptop to 3024 (echo node 228807). I can connect to 3024 and transmit audio to 3024 but no audio gets back to 3212. The echotest and irlp test make connection, but again no audio gets back.

      Now, for security reasons, my ISP prohibits ssh cmds into his network. While this will disable remote editing/control of the node, it should not affect the normal operation of the node should it? Along those lines, are there any other firewall rules that he might have installed that would allow the TROUBLESHOOT-IRLP to pass but not allow the control/audio data to work properly? The node works perfectly here on my Verizon card when I switch it back to the Cradle Point router. We are close now, but just not quite there.
      > Thanks
      > Jim WH7CD
      > node 3212 Kona,Hawaii/3024 Bethel Island, Calif
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