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1839K6IB IRLPvCON on Slackware?

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  • Dave - K7DAA
    Jan 8, 2014

      I am setting up a new embedded node purchased from you (stn7888)
      recently for a neighboring ham group whose repeater system I am
      upgrading and rebuilding. I wanted to add the K6IB package to Apache
      and see that I might have some issues with Slackware, but it's a bit
      hard to tell after reading through many past messages (and fighting with
      Yahoo's horrible new interface).

      1. Have others set up IRLPvCON successfully with the existing image?
      If so, maybe someone could chime in with some details...?

      2. Is any type of warranty violated if I decide to replace the 256 MB
      flash drive now with a somewhat larger SSD, and use the official IRLP
      version of CentOS? Any loss of functionality going from your Slackware
      image to CentOS 4.x like I have in my own two nodes? Specifically, the
      hiccuping audio on the EchoLink announcements with the CentOS audio
      driver (I have the same mobos on both of my units as well). I might be
      tempted to make this change to give them more room for other
      enhancements in the future (thinking of festival or running mp3-based
      news, etc).

      3. Just a side note: I noticed that someone mentioned incompatibility
      with K6IB's IRLPvcon and Apache 2--at least on Debian, I believe. I am
      running IRLPvcon just fine on Apache2, but on CentOS 4.x, so maybe it's
      a quirky package thing. It's been rock-solid for me.


      Dave - K7DAA
      stn7588, stn7662 (and stn7888 temporarily)
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