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1838RE: Echolink setup

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  • dsay2001
    Dec 6, 2013
      We brought EchoLink up today.  Well, we tried...

      Our EchoLink node (4441) shows up on the list of connected stations, and I can connect to it from my EchoLink software at home.  But, we get no audio in or out, and the repeater COR does not trigger when an incoming connection occurs.

      IRLP works, so I know the connection to our repeater controller is good.  I have assigned a static IP to to the embedded node, and the router forwards UDP ports 5198 and 5199, and TCP port 5200 to that IP address.  I run the 'troubleshoot-irlp' script, and everything passes, including Echolink ports 5198, 5199.  Port 5200 is not specifically listed, but the test does indicate that all TCP ports passed.  I do get the message about corruption in the environment file near the line

      . /home/irlp/features/features.env

      But since EchoIRLP is installed, I assume I can disregard that error message.

      I think I made the correct changes to the required config files, as follows:
      export IS_EMBEDDED=YES
      export USE_ECHOIRLP=YES
      export USE_STAR69=YES
      export USE_SPEAKTIME=YES

      export ECHO_MYCALL=K7LWH-R
      export ECHO_SAY_NODE=K7LWH
      export ECHO_SERVERS=NO

      #export ECHO_SERVER=oceania.echolink.org
      export ECHO_SERVER=naeast.echolink.org
      #export ECHO_SERVER=nasouth.echolink.org
      #export ECHO_SERVER=server.echolink.org
      #export ECHO_SERVER=backup.echolink.org

      export USE_CONTROLLER=NO
      export USE_MORSEID=YES
      export START_VPN_ONBOOT=NO

      ConferenceCall = K7LWH-R
      ConferencePass = *******
      ConferenceQth = Kirkland, WA USA
      EmailAdr = k7lwh@...
      ConferenceID = k7lwh-r

      Banner = Welcome to K7LWH-R EchoIRLP
      Banner = 145.490 103.5
      Banner = Kirkland, WA USA

      145.490 103.5
      Kirkland, WA USA

      Did I miss something?
      Thanks for any information.

      Don W7OXR
      K7LWH repeater, IRLP 3978, Echolink 4441
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