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1836Echolink setup

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  • Don Sayler
    Nov 23 8:34 PM
      Our IRLP node has been up a running well for a while now.  Our group has decided to bring Echolink online as well.  I have edited the 'echo_environment', 'tbd.conf', and 'userdata.txt' files as necessary.  And the ports are properly forwarded through the router.

      I have two questions remaining -
      1. I thought I read of another script file where Echolink is actually enabled.  Is there another script, and what needs to be changed?

      2. Under Windows, the Echolink software is installed and configured with the user's callsign, and that registers the callsign with the Echolink system.  On the embedded node, will the callsign be registered in a similar way?

      Don W7OXR, K7LWH repeater

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