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1811Re: [irlp-embedded] Re: What is the best way to upgrade?

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  • Rick Bates
    Sep 29, 2013
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      The audio is exactly why I had to put some brute force (script: "set the audio source to THAT input" and a couple links) in many often run scripts (and cron).  If I get bored, I'll try to find an elegant solution but it's working.  The new audio code is a blistering pita for what we need but CentOS 4 or 5 wouldn't install.  [The Atom draws ~12 watts at 12v and replaced a huge P2 desktop.]

      My last resort was to go Debian, but it would be major rewrites of the scripts I frequently use (CWID, wx, EchoIRLP and irlpvcon) and I simply didn't have the motivation or time.  Maybe I'll play this winter. 

      This is a long way of saying I get why you went the way you did but I already know CentOS and didn't want the OS learning (or script work) curve.  ;-)  I also wanted consistency with my other node (happily running 4.x).

      I'm guessing the differences for apache 2 are file/folder locations.  The quick and dirty fix (ugly) would be links.  Yuck. 

      I have my OS install notes here (someplace) if they are of interest or help to you. 

      Rick wa6nhc

      Tiny iPhone 5 keypad, typos are inevitable

      On Sep 29, 2013, at 7:36 PM, David Cameron <dcameron@...> wrote:


      I am unable to support CentOS 6.x, as I was unable to get the sound reliably working. That is why we made the switch to Debian.

      There is no reason why IRLPvCON will not run under Debian. Someone who understands what the challenges are has to spend some time with apache2 to figure out the differences in configuration between Debian and CentOS to allow it to work.

      Dave Cameron_,___

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