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1552Help needed for EchoIRLP audio problem

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  • Headspin4
    Dec 30, 2011
      Hi there I recently converted my working IRLP node into an EchoIRLP node upon doing so I have audio both ways on the IRLP side working fine. My audio on the EchoIRLP however is another story. When i boot the box up i get the Echo link IRLP enabled. Users can connect to my link just fine, the voice states the callsign connecting and disconnecting just fine yet there is no audio in or out. I found the post about making sure the echo_environment file and the TBD.conf file have the same passwords, this was not my case the passwords matched fine, the compression line was however commented out so i removed the comment saved the file using the repeater user, saved it restarted the box just to be sure it updated itself, this did nothing and I still have the same issue. any further help would be greatly appreciated. have a great day.

      Mat Turner
      Echo Link Node VA7RFR-R
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