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Is Generations Family Tree the Best Choice For a Beginner?

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    As a beginner entering into the world of building your family tree, you will need a lot of help in organizing data, which can be a daunting task. Sometimes you
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2010
      As a beginner entering into the world of building your family tree, you will need a lot of help in organizing data, which can be a daunting task. Sometimes you have too much data and sometimes too little. You may decide to add extra information like photographs of your family and ancestors; or maybe there are some special notes you need to make about individual family members. Despite some shortcomings, the Generations Family Tree is still well suited for organizing all your information in one place and helping you out immensely with your research and presentation. Here are some things to consider.
      1. The most important feature of this software is that it is specially built for beginners. It is very easy and user friendly with easy installation, detailed help files including multimedia presentations to get you started. Quite a few computer programs can be intimidating at first, but you will be completely at ease using the Generations Family Tree software. With a price that is less than similar products commercially available, this product offers you the highest value for your money.
      2. It is simple and easy to attach all supporting photos, videos, audios, research citations, newspaper clippings, and other research material associated with each member of your family. This helps immensely in organizing your entire pool of data in a proper format. The software also helps you with supporting features like scanning of old photographs, certificates and letters. Research material, including websites, can be easily stored for future reference and to give credibility to your work.
      3. For people in the US, the Generations Family Tree software comes with inbuilt databases that are really huge, containing the images of the census data over the last couple of hundred years in the United States. These will be extremely useful to trace family and ancestors in the US.
      4. Design and presentation options in this software are varied and high quality. You can design your tree in a number of ways using already presented ideas or custom built designs. In addition, the presentation and viewing of the family tree can be done in a number of formats. For example, the 3-D view shows the names along with photos of the people in an attractive fashion. The designing options can be effectively used to finally print your family tree out from this software and display at your home. These features are easy and fun to use, giving that perfect look that your family tree truly deserves.
      The Generations Family Tree is very good for beginners. It's a great choice if you need easy to use and user friendly software as you start to build your family tree. However, more advanced or more demanding genealogists may find some desirable features missing, such as for instance rating of citations. In addition, the huge database is of no use for someone outside the US. Overall, the software is a good beginning platform to start off, but you many outgrow the utility of this software and need something more ambitious as a veteran genealogist.

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