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[irf-members-news] Major Donation from US Virgin Islands

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  • Bruce Potter at Island Resources
    Members and Associates of Island Resources Foundation will be pleased to learn that we have just received the donation of Plot Number 85 in Fish Bay Estates,
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 18, 1999
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      Members and Associates of Island Resources Foundation will be pleased
      to learn that we have just received the donation of Plot Number 85 in
      Fish Bay Estates, St. John, US Virgin Islands, from Mr. Hollis
      Petersen of Bronxville, NY.

      Mr. Petersen's property donation complements other properties that
      the Foundation has received over the years from The Nature
      Conservancy and directly from the Cocoloba Corporation, the developer
      of the Fish Bay Estates, most of which are being maintained by the
      Foundation as greenways and natural habitat corridors throughout the
      watershed. Collectively this area has been named the Nancy Woodson
      Spire Nature Reserve in honor of one of the Virgin Islands' most
      generous conservationists.

      Mr Petersen's donation joins that of other supporters and
      contributors to the Foundation's island stewardship program for St.
      John. Members of the Foundation may not be aware that research in
      Fish Bay conducted by Don Anderson, then a graduate student at
      Colorado State University, resulted in publication of new Insular
      Caribbean Sediment Control Guidelines, issued as a Technical Report
      by the United Nations Environmental Programme, Caribbean
      Environmental Programme Regional Coordination Unit in Kingston,
      Jamaica. Additional research studies have been conducted in Fish Bay
      over the years by a number of researchers---most affiliated with Dr.
      Lee MacDonald's watershed science graduate program at Colorado State,
      including Rob Sampson and Carlos Ramos.

      Major contributors to erosion and sediment studies on St. John
      include Island Resources Foundation, the Virgin Islands National
      Park, the Virgin Islands Water Resources Research Institute, the
      Biological Resources Division of the US Geological Survey, several
      offices of the VI Department of Planning and Natural Resources,
      private groups including the Friends of the VI National Park and the
      MacArthur Foundation.

      Island Resources Foundation has benefited significantly from the tax
      deductible donations of members over the years. Don't hesitate to
      call us if you might be interested in a donation or estate planning
      for long-term property management opportunities.

      Thanks again to Hollis Petersen....

      bruce potter for

      Island Resources Foundation



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    • EBASTIEN@aol.com
      Congratulations Bruce! Elliot
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 19, 1999
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        Congratulations Bruce!
      • Jacqueline Armony
        Congrats! St. Christopher Heritage Society
        Message 3 of 3 , Aug 20, 1999
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          St. Christopher Heritage Society

          EBASTIEN@... wrote:

          > Congratulations Bruce!
          > Elliot
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