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Peter de Blanc

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    We note with sadness this story from the St. Thomas Source , about Peter de Blanc s death of cancer. Island Resources
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2002
      We note with sadness this story from the St. Thomas Source
      <http://new.onepaper.com/stthomasvi>, about Peter de Blanc's death of

      Island Resources Foundation has benefited substantially over the
      years from Peter's generous donation of web hosting services and
      e-mail support, dating back to 1995.

      (That generosity continues with the on-going support to the
      Foundation of Webmasters VI --- Steve and Cindy Pitzl.)


      >by Source staff
      > July 1, 2002 - Peter J. de Blanc, 57, of St. Thomas, died June
      >26 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., after a battle with cancer. Born in New
      >York City on Nov. 17, 1944, de Blanc grew up in Niagara Falls, N.Y.,
      >attended Dwight School in New York City, McGill University in
      >Montreal and the ITU in Geneva, Switzerland. For 30 years he studied
      >with the ARICA School founded by Oscar Ichazo, philosopher and
      > The president of COBEX International Inc., de Blanc was
      >responsible for the introduction of the Internet to the U.S. Virgin
      >Islands. In September 1994 he introduced free public Internet access
      >via VIP FreeNet, of which he was president. In 1995 he introduced
      >the first commercial Internet service in the Virgin Islands,
      >developing the first web pages for the promotion of tourism in the
      > Employed by IBM Research and Development Labs in East Fishkill,
      >N.Y., in the late 1960s, de Blanc was an acknowledged technical
      >genius. For the more than 25 years that he lived in the Caribbean he
      >worked as a computer and communications consultant. He was named a
      >senior member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
      >in 1973, becoming the youngest person ever elevated to senior status.
      > For several years in the mid-'80s he was a communications and
      >microcomputer consultant to the United Nations Industrial
      >Development Organization in the Eastern Caribbean. In 1998-99 he
      >taught computer networking at the University of the Virgin Islands.
      >He held Federal Communications Commission commercial
      >(radiotelephone) and amateur extra (WA2AAX) radio Licenses.
      > In the past few years de Blanc had been widely involved in
      >Internet-related activities. He chaired the Administrative Committee
      >of the TLD Country Code Top Level Domain constituency of 244
      >countries and was elected North American representative to the Board
      >of the Domain Name Supporting Organization of ICANN (the Internet
      >Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers), in both capacities
      >shaping global internal policy and Internet governance.
      > His strong personal commitment to the advancement of developing
      >countries through technological awareness and development was
      >evidenced by many Internet-related speaking and consulting
      >engagements in the United States, Canada, China, Egypt, Thailand and
      > An active Rotarian, de Blanc was president-elect of Rotary
      >Club of St. Thomas II and had previously served as sergeant at arms
      >and a board member. Through his involvement with Rotary, de Blanc
      >was a founder of the KATS (Kids and the Sea) Program, which has been
      >instrumental in teaching seamanship skills to children throughout
      >the Caribbean.
      > A passionate musician, he played pop and classical music on
      >baroque English recorder at any opportunity.
      > He is survived by his wife, Doris Sparks de Blanc; four
      >children, Peter Dimitri de Blanc of Philadelphia, Annalisa Roger of
      >San Anselmo, Calif., Andrea Kimmey of Taos, N. M., and Alexis St.
      >John-Gillott of Seminole, Fla.; eight grandchildren, Molly and Peter
      >A. de Blanc, Jessica and Lydia Kimmey, and Alisha, Anna, Peter and
      >Stephen Roger; two brothers, Roger and James de Blanc; a sister,
      >Arlene de Blanc; an aunt, Catherine Chesnea of Norwalk, Conn.; his
      >mother-in-law, Doris Huff Sparks of Macon, Ga.; and countless
      >friends and students whom he mentored and inspired.
      > According to his wishes, a celebration of life will be
      >scheduled at Magens Bay at a date and time to be announced.

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