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Fwd: Congrats to IRF on getting to the BIG 30!!!!!!

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    Dear Friends, Members and Supporters --- Nothing that I ve done over the past decade gives me more pride and satisfaction than this personal message of support
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2002
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      Dear Friends, Members and Supporters ---

      Nothing that I've done over the past decade gives me more pride and
      satisfaction than this personal message of support and encouragement
      from Franklin McDonald, the Director of the Jamaican National
      Environmental Protection Agency.

      It's a tribute to all of you who have been so steadfast in your
      support of the Foundation for the past three decades, and of course,
      especially to Ed Towle and his "corps of merry persons " (some staff
      and volunteers for the Foundation, many more colleagues and
      collaborators throughout the Caribbean) who have fought the good
      fight on behalf of rationality, sustainability and equity for
      islanders throughout the world, especially in the Caribbean.

      Thanks Franklin, and thanks members of Island Resources Foundation - - - -

      bruce potter

      >Subject: Congrats to IRF on getting to the BIG 30!!!!!!
      >Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 16:22:04 -0500
      >From: "McDonald, Franklin" <FMcDonald@...>
      >Cc: "Chung, Rosemarie" <RChung@...>
      >Hi Bruce
      >In office on Saturday recovering from Flood Rains and flood of meetings!
      >(11 days of rain + London Dumping Convention 2 week meeting here and
      >2 day Regional
      >Meeting on 'IT in Disaster management" .. interesting discussions on
      >GIS took place)
      >I have just received your letter of the 17th of May which
      >commemorates the 30th
      >Anniversary of the Island Resources Foundation, and I thought that I should
      >immediately send you an electronic response since I so closely associate the
      >IRF with the generation and dissemination quality environmental information
      >and with pioneering of the use of innovative communication to serve
      >the interests
      >of the Caribbean.
      >I recall first encountering the IRF in connection with some of your
      >early work related
      >to the vulnerability of the region of natural disasters since that
      >was the focus of my own
      >work at that time.
      >I will certainly make a formal reply to you unofficially stationary
      >and I will try to get my
      >Minister to also put on record our appreciation of IRF's contribution.
      >I'm not sure if there is any easy way for the National Environment
      >and Planning Agency
      >to take up membership or make a donation, [maybe I need to ship you
      >a set of our publications?]
      >but I will certainly try to make a personal contribution.
      >Ed, Judith yourself and many of the persons who have been associated
      >with the IRF
      > over the years have made a very significant contribution to
      >awareness building and
      > capacity creation related to the challenges facing the Caribbean in
      >management and the challenges still facing us as we struggle with
      >the concept of
      >"sustainable development."
      >Best wishes and try to keep hurricanes away

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