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Proposal Opportunity: Mauritius

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    Dear member, Program Associates and former Interns --- Island Resources has been asked to partner with a Dutch firm on the environmental studies linked to a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2001
      Dear member, Program Associates and former Interns ---

      Island Resources has been asked to partner with a Dutch firm on the
      environmental studies linked to a major development project in
      Mauritius ....

      If you have any technical or area-specific experience in issues
      addressed in the terms of reference below, and if you would be
      interested in working on this project as an IRF-affiliated
      consultant, please contact Jean Pierre Bacle <jpbacle@...>
      IMMEDIATELY. Include a current soft copy of your resume, AND specific
      information about which position on the attached "terms" you feel
      especially qualified to "bid" on.

      We will let you know how the bid develops.

      best wishes

      bruce potter


      5. Terms of reference for Study 1: Feasibility Study and Environment
      Impact Assessment for Large Scale Sand Extraction in the Lagoon at La
      Prairie (Lagoon Study), Mauritius.

      5.1 The Environment and Fisheries Components

      5.1.1 The Consultants shall:

      1 Assess the rate of sand regeneration in the region of La Prairie;

      2 Assess wave and current patterns, their strengths and
      frequencies and seasonal changes;

      3 Assess the sustainable rate of sand mining in the lagoon of La Prairie;

      4 Assess/evaluate the marine resources assets within the La
      Prairie marine ecosystem;

      5 Assess the impacts of coral sand removal from the lagoon at
      La Prairie on:

      (i) the physical oceanography including bathymetry, sediment movement
      and siltation both upstream and downstream of the proposed site from
      Pts Sud Ouest to Baie du Cap. This assessment will include the
      carrying out of core compositions to a depth of 10 metres below sea
      bed level over a representative sample,

      (ii) coastal erosion,

      (iii) living marine resources including octopus, shrimps, urchins,
      fish, algae, sea grasses and corals,

      (iv) non living marine resources including sand, rubbles, eolianites,
      wave energy.

      6 Assess the extent to which the proposed project is coherent
      with current public policy regarding sand dredging from the lagoons,
      including the advisability of recommending it, bearing in mind the
      decision of Government to ban sand extraction and the need to
      safeguard the interests of sandfishers who have been re-deployed;

      This will involve analysing:

      … The facts presented in the EIA report of Beachcomber with regard to
      the coherence of the project with the overall framework of national
      development objectives, and Government's economic and social
      development policies

      … the number of, and cost implications for, the inhabitants of the
      area affected by the proposed project

      … The role and responsibilities of all organisations and agencies to
      be involved in the proposed project

      … All major problems related to the proposed project, that would be
      experienced by the beneficiaries and other parties involved, the
      causal relationships of these problems and the intersectoral linkages

      … Information from previous studies and evaluations relevant to the
      proposed project

      7 Make an assessment of the fisheries potential in the area;

      8 Assess the socio-cultural, economic and environmental effects
      of the project on the fishing industry;

      9 More specifically, evaluate the socio-economic impacts of the
      project in view of the losses to be incurred by fishers and fisheries
      in general during and after the sand extraction operation;

      10 Predict the decline in fisheries and also the time span for
      such a fisheries to recuperate if ever possible;

      11 Assess the sheer size and the associated ecological and
      environmental impact of the proposed extraction in relation to what
      has been the standard rate for the whole country for almost one

      12 Assess the impacts of an intense tropical cyclone in the
      coastal zone after the extraction of the proposed volume of coral
      sand from the lagoon at La Prairie;

      13 Examine the social repercussions of a licence for sand
      extraction to the Beachcomber Ltd. This would include a cost
      assessment of compensation to be given to ex-sand fishers;

      14 To give the rationale for sale of sand, estimated at Rs 1.1
      billion, whereas the promoters (Beachcomber Ltd and the UBP Ltd) have
      proposed the sum of Rs100 million for financing a social fund (South
      West Tourism Development Fund);

      15 Based on the above findings, to make a critical assessment of
      (evaluate and comment on) the EIA proposal prepared by SIGMA Ove Arup
      & Partners for the promoters for sand extraction at La Prairie.

      16 In the event the project is found to be feasible, the
      consultants shall:

      (i) Assess the advisability of having the whole operation of sand
      extraction, and its sale, to be done by a public corporate body to be
      set up for this specific purpose, with the net proceeds accruing to
      the Treasury for investment purposes, through this corporate body, in
      tourist and leisure activities or possibly converted into equity
      participation in the proposed hotel;

      (ii) Or alternatively, assess the possibility of sand dredging
      operations to be undertaken by a private party that would be paid a
      cost of extraction per tonne and sale operations would be managed by
      a Government department that would credit the whole proceeds to the
      Treasury for investment purposes in tourist and leisure activities or
      possibly converted into equity participation in the proposed hotel;

      (iii) Take samples of the quality of sand by area and make an
      objective assessment of the potential market value (at market prices)
      that will accrue from the volume of sand that will be extracted.
      This estimate shall take into account the forecast demand for sand in
      the country for the next decade;

      (iv) Provide a detailed analysis of the potential sustainability for
      the proposed project;

      (v) Submit a detailed plan specifying the indicators and sources of
      verification for project activities, stipulating the responsibilities
      of the various bodies in relation to project timing/phasing;

      (vi) Advise on protective measures to be put in place and give an
      estimate of costs of these measures and make recommendations on any
      further actions required before the implementation of the project.

      (vii) Advise on restoration of the existing ecosystems prior to the
      dredging operation.

      (viii) Evaluate the environmental and socio-economic impacts and
      implications of a hotel project at La Prairie, interalia:

      (a) Loss of sea scape and consumer surplus to the public on account
      of hotel construction and the related non-availability of the La
      Prairie beach to Mauritians, in relation to an eventuality of
      allowing a large area of public domain to become a productive asset
      in the hands of a private group, largely to be financed out of
      resources of the site,

      (b) The possible encroachment on beach commonly used by the public at
      La Prairie,

      (c) Loss of livelihood by fisher's community of the region,

      5.2 Socio Economic Component

      5.2.1 In case the Consultants make a positive sand dredging
      recommendation, they shall:

      1 in relation to the future of lagoon fishing, estimate:

      … the extent of damage to marine life due to project dredging and
      resultant siltation

      … the likely time-period required for the rejuvenating marine life

      … the period during which fishermen would not be able to operate in
      the La Prairie Zone

      … the amount of compensation (including rehabilitation and/or
      re-training into another activity) due to the fishermen, considering
      that the lagoon has been adversely affected by other non-project

      2 in relation to the coastal road, recommend improvements to
      the coastal road (both from La Prairie to Black River in the west and
      from La Prairie towards Riambel in the east), following projected
      needs associated with both the dredging/hotel construction period and
      with subsequent tourist-related developments. (These recommendations
      will include outline engineering and other technical drawings).

      5.3 . The Study team

      5.3.1 The Study shall be carried out by a multi-disciplinary team,
      consisting of:

      (i) A Fisheries or Marine Biologist with a Master's degree in the
      relevant field and at least 10 years experience in multi species
      coral, reef coastal fisheries/dynamics/management.

      (ii) A Marine Conservation Specialist, with a Master's degree in the
      relevant field (see below).

      (iii) A Marine Geologist with a Master's degree in the relevant field
      (see below)

      (iv) An Environment Specialist with a Master's degree in the relevant
      field (see below)
      The experts at (ii), (iii) and (iv) should, among them, possess at
      least 10 years experience in the following disciplines:
      … Oceanography
      … Coastal erosion/engineering
      … Hydrographic survey/hydrodynamics/sediment disposal
      … Natural environmental analysis, environmental impact assessment,
      especially in the context of resource (coral sand) extraction and

      (v) A Legal Expert familiar with the calculation of compensation
      formulae to losers

      (vi) An Economist with a Master's Degree and at least 10 years
      experience in carrying out social impact assessment exercises.
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