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Island Fiction

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  • Bruce Potter
    [Iain Orr of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is a genuine island polymath. Herewith, his list of 44 best island novels, as shared with Dan
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2000
      [Iain Orr of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office is a genuine
      "island polymath." Herewith, his list of 44 "best" island novels, as
      shared with Dan MacMeekin and a bunch of other attendees at the
      ISLANDS VI conference in Skye a couple of weeks ago....bruce]

      >From: Iain Orr <Iain.Orr@...>
      >Subject: Island Fiction : list of 40+ titles
      >Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 20:34:59 -0000
      >I'm glad you enjoyed the list of Island Fiction that I left on the table at
      >Skye - only a small selection of the 500 or so titles I have at home. It's
      >a personal interest - but little time at present to read the most recent
      >aquisitions. I said I would send the list separately in electronic form (
      >one new ref added - Kárason, Einar : Devil's Island ) in case you wanted
      >to pass on to others who share this interest. Do please tell me of titles
      >you know of that might be new to me - I'm especially interested in fiction
      >which has any of the following characteristics: explores the nature of
      >insularity (psychological, social and physical); imagines island utopias or
      >dystopias; is from within non-English speaking island cultures; and which is
      >well written.
      >Here's the enclosure:
      > <<ISLAND FICTION.doc>>
      >Iain Orr, Biodiversity Team ("Team Bio"),
      >Environment Policy Department(EPD), K230
      >Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO),
      >King Charles St, London SW1A 2AH, UK
      >Tel:44[0]20 7270 2942 Fax 7270 4076
      >Mobile 07769 693 019 email:iain.orr@...

      ISLAND FICTION : A list of novels set on real and invented islands

      ( Note: the 44 titles on this list are an initial selection from my
      collection of 400 to 500 novels and short story collections on
      island themes. Some are set on real islands with the setting part of
      the story; some are set on fictional islands that closely resemble
      real ones; and some are set on imaginary islands to explore utopian
      or dystopian themes. Some are great literature; some are exciting;
      and some are light summer reading. They suggest a range of
      interesting topics for study. May can be used educationally ( and
      commercially) in promoting the culture of specific islands, and of
      island societies in general.

      I would like to hear from anyone with the time or interest to do some
      of this work or suggest other island titles, especially from non-UK
      and non-English language sources. I am also collecting poetry on
      island themes; and I am working on ideas for a database that could
      generate a wide range of thematic quotations about islands. A
      considerable amount of material for the latter is available in an
      electronic version, especially on the UK's overseas territories; and
      am ready to share these, especially for educational use, as well as
      welcoming new suggestions for material ( and of possible
      collaborative projects).

      If you are interested in island fiction, poetry and all manner of
      quotations relating to islands - as well as island postcards, stamps,
      coins, printed ephemera and distinctive island products - please
      contact me :

      Iain Orr, Environment Policy Department (EPD) Room K230, FCO,
      King Charles St, London SW1A 2AH
      Tel:44[0]20 7270 2942 Fax [0]20 7270 4076 email: iain.orr@...

      NB [] indicates that I do not yet have a copy of the book in my collection

      Aiken, Joan ( b Rye Sussex 1924, father US writer Conrad Aiken) :
      Night Birds on Nantucket Puffin reprint 1982 ISBN 0 14 03.0346 4,
      174 pp ( first pub Jonanthan Cape 1966 A new adventure for Dido
      Twite, waking from a long sleep to foil Miss Slighcarp, the wicked
      governess, in her plan to assassinate King James III by long-distance
      gun, with her greatest ally a pink whale called Rosie.)

      Ballard, J G : Rushing to Paradise Flamingo ( imprint off Harper
      Collins) 1994 239pp
      ISBN 0 00 224134 X ( set on fictional French Polynesian
      island of Saint-Esprit, abandoned in 1970s when French nuclear
      scientists moved to Mururoa. But in extending the military airstrip
      French engineers had destroyed an important breeding-ground of the
      wandering albatross. Dr Barabara Rafferty, an English physician who
      had "become bored by the endless rallies against ozone depletion,
      global warming, and the slaughter of the minke whale. Š Saving the
      albatross, Dr Barbara soonn discovered, held far more appeal for the
      public. The great white bird stirred vague but potent memories og
      guilt and redemption that played on the imaginations of the
      University of Hawaii graduate students who formed her protest
      constituency. Coleridge's poem, she often reminded Neil, was the
      foundation-text of all animal rights and environmental movements,
      though she was careful never to quote the familiar verses." ( p13) ).

      Benson, Peter (1956- ): A Lesser Dependency Macmillan 1989 146 pp
      ISBN 0 333 49093 2 ( This story of Maude, Leonard, Odette and
      other Ilois who left Diego Garcia in September 1971 when sent by
      the British Authorities to Mauritius. Epigraphs to the novel:

      "[The Ilois], mostly men and women born and brought up in the
      islandsŠ.live their lives in surroundings of wonderful natural beauty
      and in conditions most tranquil and benign."
      From a British Colonial Office Film, 1950

      "The nature of (Diego Garcia) itself, which is a rather small piece
      of land, is also fortuitous in that it has no local population
      From evidence presented to US Congress Sub-Committee, March 1974

      Blond, George : Goddess Island Secker & Warburg 1952 ( Translated
      from the French L'Isle de la Deesse 1950) 256 pp. ( The island, also
      known as Massacre Island or Seal Island is a fictional one created
      by volcanic action north of the Pribilof Islands in the Bering Sea,
      the position shown on a map on the title page. The novel has a
      dramatic description of the island's birth and then tells the history
      of its inhabitants -both human (Russian) and seals.)

      Blyton, Enid : Five on a Treasure Island Hodder & Stoughton 1942 (
      1967 edition by Knight Books - 189 pp has SBN 340 02423 2. This was
      the first of 15 stories by the prolific children's writer about "The
      Famous Five" - Julian, Dick, George (Georgina by right, the
      archetypal tomboy) Anne, and Timothy the dog . Kirrin Island -
      fictional, possibly off the Cornish coast - has rabbits, cormorants
      and all kinds of gulls; and a wonderful ruined castle is cousin
      George's secret: " All that's left of what Mother's family owned is
      our own house, Kirrin Cottage, and a farm a little way off - and
      Kirrin Island", said George. "Mother says when I'm grown-up it will
      be mine. She says she doesn't want it now, either, so she's sort of
      given it to me. It belongs to me. It's my own private island, and I
      don't let anyone go there unless they get my permission." (pp 26-7).
      Another title in the series is "Five on Kirrin Island Again"; and
      these two stories must have encouraged a fascination with small
      islands among many in the generations brought up on End Blyton

      Bridges, Victor : Greensea Island - A Mystery of the Essex Coast
      Hodder and Stoughton March 1929, 317 pp. ( The island introduced on
      page 81 a " small, irregularly-shaped island, which lay out in
      mid-stream" in the Danewell Estuary.)

      Brown, Hilton : Asylum Island - A Tale Methuen 1950 232pp. ( set
      in " the tiny, independent, native-run republic of Lassou in the
      Caribbean nicknamed "Asylum Island" by a visiting American journalist
      and - it must be admitted - the island's characteristic blend of
      commercial acumen and political chicanery with witch-doctors, Things
      in Bottles and general lunacy justified him in his choice. " -
      publisher's blurb).

      Buchan, John : The Island of Sheep Penguin 1956 245 pp ( serial
      1131, first pub 1936. One of the Richard Hannay adventure novels,
      much of the action takes place in the Norlands [=Faroes] where the
      Island of Sheep lies 2 miles west of Halder, the second largest
      island of the group - see map on p12. P 189 describes the one
      occasion when the Grind - the hunt of pilot whales - comes to the
      Island of Sheep. When Peter John says it sounds "pretty beastly",
      his local young friend Anna replies: "Perhaps it is," said the girl;
      "but a lot of good things are beastly, like killing pigs and using
      live bait. Anyhow, it puts money in the pockets of our poor people,
      and gives them food and lighting for the long winter." )

      Calder-Marshall, Arthur : The Man from Devil's Island Ruppert
      Hart-Davis 1958 171 pp ( Written for intelligent teenagers, tells of
      two boys and a girl in Trinidad who come on a young French sailor who
      has escaped from Devil's Island; and their attempt to protect him
      from injustice.)

      Collins, Wilkie : Iolani; or, Tahiti as it was. A Romance (Edited
      and Introduced by Ira B. Nadel) Priceton University Press 1999 205
      pp ISBN 0 691 03446 X. ( Written but unpublished in the early 1840s,
      this first edition appears by permission of the new owners, who
      remain anonymous.)

      Dowd, John : Hogsty Reef (A Caribbean Island Eco-Adventure)
      Peachtree, Atlanta 1999 pp188
      ISBN 1 56145 187 8 ( While working on a summer research project
      to study reef ecology on a tropical island near the Turks and Caicos
      Islands - a map places the fictional Hogsty reef due west of
      Provinciales and north of the west end of Great Inagua - Jim
      befriends a Haitian refugee and uncovers a drug smuggling operation.)

      Fuller, John : Flying to Nowhere - A Tale The Salamander Press,
      Edinburgh 89pp ISBN 0 907540 27 9 ( Set on a Welsh island with a
      monastery: " a fable about everybody's feeling that the body is
      insufficient and that there ought to be the possibility of some sort
      of miraculous escape from it "- blurb.)

      Gibbings, Robert : Coconut Island or The Adventures of Two Children
      in the South Seas Dent & Sons, Letchworth 1953 reprint 245 pp (
      First pub 1936 The Aldine Press, Letchworth, Herts). Many wood
      engravings by author. Endpaper map of (fictional) Paheero's Island.

      Glover, David : The Love Island Robin Clark Ltd, London 1985 159pp
      ISBN 0 86072 086 1
      ( An exploration of the tragic legacy of empire through an elegaic
      account of a love affair doomed from its inception. Set partly on
      fictional Pentoda - the Love Island - which the author notes [p7] is
      "an amalgam of various tropical islands I have visited or read

      Hawkes, Jacquetta : Providence Island - An Archaeological Tale
      Chatto & Windus 1959 251 pp ( A utopian novel about an expedition
      from Oxford led by Professor Pennycuik which discovers north of New
      Guinea a race who are survivors from the Magdalenian Age, "hunters,
      beautiful of physique, lacking in curiosity and humour, but possessed
      of great psychic and artistic powers" ( publishers blurb).

      Heinesen, William : The Black Cauldron ( trans from the Danish by W
      Glyn Jones ) Dedalus/Hippocrene ( Dedalus Ltd, Sawtry, Cambs ISBN 0
      0946626 97 9 ( Hippocrene Books NY ISBN 0 7818 0000 5) both 1992 (
      First published in Denmark as Den Sorte Gryde 1949) 363pp). ( " an
      unsparing portrait of speculation, violence and intrigue in the
      Faroes under British wartime occupation.")

      Heller, Joseph : Catch 22 Black Swan p'bk edition with introduction
      by Anthony Burgess 1985 570 pp ISBN 0 552 99195 3 ( 1st pub Jonathan
      Cape 1962) ( "an hilarious, tragic novel in which an American
      airforce base on a small island off Italy becomes a microcosm of the
      modern world as it might look to someone dangerously sane" -
      publisher's blurb. "The island of Pianosa lies in the Mediterranean
      Sea eight miles south of Elba. It is very small and obviously could
      not accommodate all of the actions described. Like the setting of
      this novel, the characters, too, are fictitious." - note by author .)

      Jenkins, Geoffrey : A Grue of Ice Collins 1978 320pp ( First
      published 1962) ISBN 0 00 221285 4 ( The novel centres on the search
      for mysterious Thompson Island , far south of Gough Island and close
      to Bouvet by Bruce Wetherby a former WWII naval commander who is
      sailing in a native whaling-boat from Tristan da Cunha searching for
      the natural phenomenon called "The Albatross' Foot". "Science had
      never heard of The Albatross' Foot! Nor had I, despite my advanced
      researches before the war into oceanography. Sailhardy had told me
      it was the inmost secret of the Tristan islanders. They maintained
      it was a gigantic warm current which swept down in spring - not every
      spring, but at irregular intervals - between Africa and South
      America, bearing countless billions of the microscopic sea creatures
      called plankton, which are the food of everything in the Southern
      Ocean, from the smallest fish to the whale. The islanders called it
      The Albatross' Foot, so Sailhardy had said, because the current
      resembled, in macrocosm, the warm double vein in an albatross' foot
      with which the great bird hatches its egg." P16. An Author's Note
      records: " The island was discovered by Captain George Norris,
      master of the British sealer Sprightly, on December 13th, 1825.
      Sixty-eight years later an American Captain, Joseph J. Fuller,
      sighted it again. Since its discovery by Norris, many famous sailors
      and well-equipped expeditions have searched for it, but apart from
      Captain Fuller's chance sighting, none has ever located it.
      Captain Norris not only made a chart of Thompson Island, but
      sketched it from half a dozen different angles. I have examined his
      chart and sketches, and also the American Franklin Institute's
      interview with Fuller in his old age.
      A ship's graveyard similar to the one I have described was found
      in May 1916 by Shackleton in King Haakon's Sound, South Georgia,
      during his epic voyage in an open boat." [p5].

      Joughin, Clucas : Gorry, Son of Orry : King of the Island - A Story
      of Adventure in the Isle of Mann a Hundred Years Ago Jarrold & Sons
      London 1903 351 pp I including notes on The Mauthe Dhoo ( in Manx
      Gaelic = Black Dog) of Peel Castle and on Keownmoar ( Big Keown, a
      Manx Giant)

      [ Kárason, Einar : Devil's Island Canongate 2000 189pp ISBN 0
      86241 9662 Trs by David McDuff and Magnus Magnusson, with foreword
      by the latter. First pub in Icelandic 1983 as Djöfaejan. ( Set in
      1950's Reykjavik exploring the clash between rural farmers and
      fishermen and US mass culture brought with the GIs :"breaks a new,
      free, impudent and ironic path in Icelandic literature" -Swedish
      review quoted on blurb.) ]

      Kelly, William Patrick : The Cuban Treasure Island - A Romance of
      Adventure George Routledge 1903 pp301 ( Children's story . This
      copy includes a plate from Pattingham Church Sunday School for Xmas
      1907 as a prize awarded to William Price for "Lessons & Good Conduct;
      also a sticker of J Rushton & Son The Discount Booksellers, 60 Queen
      St and 98 Darlington St, Wolverhampton.)

      King, Clive : The Town That Went South Puffin 1970 ISBN 0 14 030442
      8 106 pp ( First pub USA 1959. "One morning the people of Ramsly
      wake up to find that their town has come adrift from the rest of
      England and is floating gently across the channel to France! And
      that's just the beginning of the journey, for they carry on floating
      south, to Africa and the South Seas, to Australia and farther south
      to the coldest land in the world! " - blurb.)

      Larsson, Bjorn : Long John Silver - The True and Eventful History
      of My Life of Liberty and Adventure as a Gentleman of Fortune and
      Enemy to Mankind Trs from the Swedish by Tom Geddes The Harvill
      Press 1999 ( p'back 2000, 400pp) ISBN 1 86046 538 2 ( a sequel to
      Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, showing the famous
      one-legged pirate living out his twilight years on Madagascar).

      Moor, George: Nightingale Island ( one of three novellas published
      in "Fox Gold" John Calder (Publishers) Ltd 1978 pp 77-136 ISBN 0
      7145 3615 6 (set in Japan where Willoughby, a struggling English
      teacher, crosses Japan by train with his dog to visit an ex-pupil and
      is then conveyed by helicopter to Nightingale Island where he gets
      involved with the Japanese mafia. Many insights into Japanese life.)

      Montgomery, L M : Anne of the Island Puffin 1981 292 pp ISBN 0 14
      03.1463 6 ( First Pub George Harrap 1925 sequel to Anne of Green
      Gables and Anne of Avonlea.)

      O'Domini, Ann (pseud) : Millennium Island Common Weal Books
      Faversham, Kent 1999 327pp ISBN 0 9534672 1 X ( "What prompts a fast
      food company, a tribe of South-Sea islanders, a regiment of
      historical re-enactors, a congregation of Christian fundamentalists,
      a load of cargo cultists, the last vestiges of Kaiser Bill's navy, a
      mad mullah, a bunch of environmentalists, a clutch of Hindu fanatics,
      the four horsewomen of the Apocalypse and a pregnant virgin to
      congregate on a lonely Pacific island on the eve of the year 2000?"

      Percy, Edward : Cowferry Isle Ivor Nicholson and Watson Ltd London
      1934, 456 pp.

      ( Set in marshland on the Kent side of the Kent/Sussex border in
      the early 1880s:
      "To picture the land in which this tale is set, imagine a neatly
      levelled churchyard; imagine, rising from the flat, first, to the
      north, a mound of a baby's grave, then, further to the south, a
      child's mound, and, further to the south again, a giant's. The
      baby's grave is the Islet of Odiam, the child's Cowferry Isle, the
      giant's the Sussex mainland. Around, between, as far as the eye can
      view seaward, lie the marshes.

      These islands were the scene of one of Nature's most malicious
      whimsies to favour the pastoral thane at the expense of his brothers,
      the seaman and the sea-craftsman. The river Rother, Spenser's
      Rother, which flowed of old on the north side of Odiam in a bee-line
      to the eastern sea, and into which drained the tidal creek between
      Odiam and Cowferry, suddenly, on a night of storm in the third
      Harry's reign, burst its dams and swept past both Isles, striking the
      sea some ten miles further south. The, after four hundred years of
      restless running, it changed its course once more and cut through the
      southern vales of Cowferry to its salty home, thereby increasing the
      eastward pull of the Channel and hastening the drying-up of the
      mile-wide estuary dividing the two islands." P 10

      Extensive use of Kent dialect with a short Appendix and glossary and
      an appendix on The Hooden Horse, an old Christmas custom).

      Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur : Poison Island ( first published J M
      Dent 1907) White Lion Publishers 1974 343 pp ISBN 0 85617 508 (
      starts in July 1813 when 14-yr old Harry Brooks meets the eccentric
      Captain Coffin. Their adventures lead finally to the West Indian
      (fictional) island of Mortallone in the Bay of Honduras - chart of
      the island on the dust-jacket - where they meet Dr Beauregard, the
      Prospero of the island Š or Caliban.)

      Rhys, Jean : Wide Sargasso Sea ( with introduction by Francis
      Wyndham) Penguin 1980 reprint ISBN 0 14 00.2878 1, 156 pp ( First
      published Andre Deutsch 1966. Story of Antoinette Cosway, a rich
      Creole heiress in Jamaica who marries Rochester [ is his first, mad
      wife] in Carlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Rhys born at Roseau, Dominica
      - father a Welsh doctor, mother a Creole.)

      Roberts, B Dew : The Island Feud Chatto & Windus 1947 272 pp (
      Historical novel with frontispiece photo of bust of Colonel Richard
      Bulkeley, set in Anglesey about the trial of Thomas Cheadle and his
      wife for the murder of her first husband, the fourth Sir Richard
      Bulkeley, held nearly ten years after the knight's death. Account of
      the 1648 revolt in Anglesey. "The only imaginary characters in this
      true story are those of humble birth." ( Foreword p7).

      Robin, E Gallienne : At The Leap of San Juan - A Sark Story
      Charles H Kelly, London 1898 159 pp (+ 32pp catalogue of new books
      from Robert Culley; also includes 19 full page b&w photographic
      illustrations of scenes on Sark .)

      Schmidt, Arno (b Hamburg 1914 d 1979) : The Egghead Republic trs
      Michael Horowitz ( first pub as Die Gelehrtenrepublik by Stahlberg
      Verlag 1957) Marion Boyars 1979 164pp ISBN 0 7145 2592 8 Pbk (
      Science fiction dystopian parable. Set in 2008 after a nuclear
      holocaust in Europe on The International Republic of Artists and
      Scientists - IRAS - a jet propelled island presently in the Horse
      Latitudes, a calm in the Sargasso Sea.)

      Shaw, Margaret : Island of Seals and Other Strange Tales ills Agnes
      Mary Pears Methuen 1957 , 135pp ( The title story pp 11-30 is set
      on a small island off the Welsh coast p 25 has bars of music taken
      from Ludwig Koch's recording of a seal singing in a cave at Skomer. "
      The Last Dragon" pp 102-113 is "the story of the last iguana [ Gonda]
      which lived on an island called Saint Martin in the West Indies. If
      it hadn't been for a little girl called Donna Fontaine, this last
      dragon would have been eaten long before" p 102. "Run Alive" ia a
      spider story [Papa Anancy] set in the West Indies. Other stories
      about a hedgehog in France, Chesil Beach and Hoolock Gibbons in

      Sloan, John Stewart : The Isle of the Rat Hong Kong Horrors
      Publishing 1994 148pp
      ISBN 962 7932 03 5 ( "Three men went to the island - one came back"
      set in the New Territories in 1908).

      Sloan, Susan R : An Isolated Incident Little Brown 1998 455pp
      ISBN 0 316 64047 6 ( Crime novel set on fictional Seward Island, a
      quiet community off the coast of Washington State - modeled on
      Bainbridge Island, whose Police Department's help is acknowledged.).

      Steig, William : Abel's Island Hamish Hamilton 1776 pp 120 ISBN
      0 241 89477 8 ( Survival tale of a mouse who is swept off by flood
      waters onto an island

      Strindberg, August : The People of Hemso (trs from the Swedish by
      Elspeth Harley Schubert) Albert Bonniers Forlag, Stockholm 1959 (
      original first published 1887 ) Introduction by P F D Tennant 220pp
      ( "The present translation of Hemsoborna is a welcome addition to
      English translations of his work as it displays another facet of his
      character, his humour, not as elsewhere edged with satire, his
      passionate love of nature and in particular of Stockholm's
      archipelago and of the island of Kymmendo where he spent so many
      happy summers. After writing this work he could never return because
      its inhabitants so deeply resented his penetrating analysis of his
      characters." Introduction p 10)

      Tournier, Michel : Friday and Robinson - Life on Speranza Island (
      Trs from the French by Ralph Manheim, Drawings by David Stone Martin)
      Aldus Books London 1972 118 pp SBN 490 00254 4 ( A new twist to
      Defoe's island classic, with a reversal of the master/slave

      Unsworth, Barry : Pascali's Island Penguin Books 1980, 189 pp ISBN
      0 14 00.5861 3 ( Set on a shimmering Aegean island where Pascali, a
      bisexual cosmopolitan spy is writing his 216th ( and last) report to
      his Turkish paymasters. Becomes involved with Mister A Bowles, a
      mysterious Englishman staying at the island's one hotel, the Hotel

      Visiak, E H : The Haunted Island - Being the History of an
      Adventure to an Island in the Remote South Sea. Of a Wizard there.
      Of his Pirate Gang; His Treasure; His Combustible; His Skeleton Antic
      Lad. Of his Wisdom; of his Poesy; His Barbarous Cruelty; His Mighty
      Power. Of a Volcano on the Island. And of the Ghostly Terror. Ills
      by Jack Matthews Peter Lunn London 1946 164pp

      Walmsley, Leo : The Lure of Thunder Island Herbert Jenkins London nd
      ( 1920s) 247 pp. ( Boys' adventure story - Dennis Cleveland
      accompanies the blind scientist Dr Flint to Africa to search for a
      case alleged to hold 40 skulls of great antiquarian interest. The
      drama unfolds on Thunder Island, off the East African coast with a
      view to the north of "Ras Ngombe, Curlew Island and Fish Island." P

      Weir, Peter : The Island Harvey & Blythe London 1949 119pp ( An
      evocative novel; attractive scraperboard drawings by William McLaren,
      who also designed the dust-jacket - missing from this copy).

      Wells, H G : Mr Blettsworthy on Rampole Island Ernest Benn London
      1928 288pp Subtitle: Being the Story of a Gentleman of Culture and
      Refinement who suffered Shipwreck and saw no Human Beings other than
      the Cruel and Savage Cannibals for several years. How he beheld
      Megatheria alive and made some notes of their Habits. How he became
      a Sacred Lunatic. How he did at last escape in a Strange Manner from
      the Horror and Barbarities of Rampole Island in time to fight in the
      Great War, and how afterwards he came near returning to that Island
      for ever. With much Amusing and Edifying Matter concerning Manners,
      Customs, Beliefs, Warfare, Crime and a Storm at Sea. Concluding with
      some Reflections upon Life in General and upon these Present Times in

      ( A dystopian SciFi novel set on island off South America where the
      Giant Sloth survives. Savages from the island come aboard Mr
      Blettsworthy's ship ( p 134, following chapter on "Sharks and
      Nightmares". The Megatheria are slow, cunning and poisonous - "No
      need to outshine or defeat a more energetic race. They may waste or
      stink it out of existence." P 171. This copy has a large decorative
      bookplate of South
      Place Ethical Society).

      Westerman, Percy F : Sabarinda Island ills A Barclay Blackie 303 pp
      nd ( 1920s?) A Keith Standish novel, boys' adventure set in East
      Indies ( Indonesia).

      Wilder, Thornton : The Woman of Andros Penguin Books 1969 ( serial
      2989 - first published in USA in 1930. " Chrysis, the Woman of
      Andros, is a prostitute living on an Aegean isle [ the fictional
      Brynos "The happiest, and one of the least famous of the islands" p
      5] just before the time of Christ. Spiritually "dead", she is immune
      to the sneers of the villagers and the ingratitude of her odd
      household of stray casualties; her only emotions being a "wild
      tenderness" for Pamphilus, a rich merchant's son. Unaware of
      Chrysis's feelings, Pamphilus continues to attend her notorious
      weekly banquets and, by so doing, seriously compromises his chances
      of marrying well. Then one day he chances on Chrysis's sister,
      Glycerium, and they fall deeply in love Š" ( blurb). The first part
      of the novel is based on Terence's comedy "Andria", in turn based on
      two lost plays by Menander.)

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