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Fwd: [CCA] 2014 UN Conference on Small Island Developing States

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  • Bruce Potter at IRF
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      Subject: [CCA] 2014 UN Conference on Small Island Developing States
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      Subject: [GLISPA Discuss] 2014 UN Conference on Small Island Developing States
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      Dear colleague, 

      You are receiving this message because of your organization’s involvement in the work of the United Nations in the area of sustainable development and small island developing states (SIDS). 

      As you may be aware, the UN General Assembly has called for a third international conference on SIDS to take place in Apia, Samoa in 2014.  This message serves as a general call for your expression of interest in the preparatory process for that conference.  If the work of your organization is still relevant to specific themes of sustainable development that focus on SIDS, then we welcome your active participation in preparations for the 2014 SIDS conference. 

      Your main point of contact for information regarding the 2014 SIDS conference will be the Major Groups Programme of the Division for Sustainable Development—a part of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.   

      We look forward to working closely with you.  Best regards, 
      Beppe Lovoi 
      Major Groups Programme 



      The UN Conference on Sustainable Development (known as Rio+20) called for the convening of a third international conference on SIDS in 2014. [paragraph 180 of The Future We Want]
      The 67th session of the General Assembly further adopted a resolution outlining modalities for holding the 2014 SIDS conference.  [A/C.2/67/L.40]  Notably, in paragraph 5, it was decided that the conference should:

      a)        assess the progress to date and the remaining gaps in the implementation of international agreements; 

      b)        seek a renewed political commitment to effectively address the special needs and vulnerabilities of SIDS by focusing on practical and pragmatic actions; 

      c)        identify new and emerging challenges and opportunities for the sustainable development of SIDS and ways and means to address them including through the strengthening of collaborative partnerships between small island developing States and the international community; 

      d)        identify priorities for the sustainable development of SIDS for consideration in the elaboration of the post-2015 UN development agenda. 

      Preparatory Process
      Paragraph 9 of the modality resolution articulates a regional preparatory process in each of the three SIDS regions (i. Atlantic, Indian Ocean and South China Sea—or AIMS; ii. Caribbean; and iii. Pacific).  There will also be an interregional preparatory meeting for all SIDS to identify and develop input for the 2014 conference, and to maximize coherence and complementarity with respect to other preparatory work.  The effectiveness of the preparatory process will depend greatly on national-level preparations that will feed into these regional and global meetings.
      These preparatory meetings are scheduled to take place in June and July 2013.

      The Role of Major Groups 
      Major groups are nine sectors of social, economic and technical stakeholders in sustainable development that were defined in Agenda 21.  The nine sectors are: 
      ·        Women 
      ·        Children and Youth 
      ·        Indigenous Peoples 
      ·        Non-governmental Organizations 
      ·        Local Authorities 
      ·        Workers and Trade Unions 
      ·        Business and Industry 
      ·        Scientific and Technological Community 
      ·        Farmers 
      Paragraphs 17 and 21 of the modality resolution stress the need for the effective participation of relevant stakeholders, including major groups identified in Agenda 21, in the 2014 SIDS conference and its preparatory process. 

      Non-state actors that identify with one (or several) of the major groups sectors will participate in the 2014 SIDS conference as observers, and they will be invited to make statements on the floor, attend meetings with governments, and take part in other related side events such as workshops and trainings. 

      It is essential that representatives from major groups coordinate with each other well in advance to become fully conversant in the process.  The Division for Sustainable Development, through its Major Groups Programme, will lend support to those coordination efforts, relying on a focal points system to ensure that information is disseminated effectively throughout the nine sectors. 

      At this stage, we will begin setting up a network of participating organizations from major groups in anticipation of the three SIDS regional meetings and the interregional meeting for all SIDS this year.   

      As in years past, there has been some limited funding for representatives from major groups to participate in the preparatory meetings, as well as the conference itself.  We will keep you informed of such opportunities as soon as they are made available.

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