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Another Arrogant Developer Busts Up the Caribbean

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  • Bruce Potter at IRF
    Do these developers have NAMES? … websites?? … e-mail addresses? Does the Development have a name or website? Does the MINISTER have a NAME? … e-mail
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      Do "these developers" have NAMES? … websites?? … e-mail addresses?
      Does the Development have a name or website?
      Does the MINISTER have a NAME?  … e-mail address(es)?
      Could we use them? 
      (if you are shy or afraid they will try to sue you, send the identifiers in a separate message to me and we'll post it on the respective e-mail group sites.)

      So what's Godahl Lagoon?  Can anyone locate it on this Google Map?
      Please stop being so polite that everyone missed the fact that the patrimony of ALL future generations of Canouans is being destroyed. NO DEVELOPER, LOCAL OR FOREIGN HAS THAT RIGHT.

      Bruce Potter

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      Subject: Re: Jamaica** for Sale; container port in Carriacou

      The 'Friends of the Tobago Cays' has just had to file for an injunction to stop the Developers in Canouan from dredging within the reef at Godahl lagoon in Canouan. They have been creating beach where beach has never existed and the resulting impact - it exposed very high levels of sediment in the  lagoon that is smothering the coral to death, huge craters remain where lovely sea grass beds once existed and a whole heap of other associated negative effects; and all because these developers desire to have a 'pretty' beach.
      The lawyers on the other side are claiming that we don't have the right to bring such an action against them because the onus is on the various Ministers of Government to enforce the Law; and they are absolutely correct. When you read the Law, what ever the Law is, the respective 'Minister' is responsible for the enforcement. So you can well understand that none of the environmental laws have ever been put into effect.
      When the thing first started to develop, I first contact the Minister of Health and the Environment to inform him that this was taking place - inspite of the fact it was on public television - and informed him of the potential dangers/effects on the reef and the wildlife in the area. We followed up with a letter to the same Minister and copied the Prime Minister and Minister of Legal Affairs, Finance and Planning and Grenadines Affairs; the Minister of Tourism; Director of Planning; Chairman of the Planning Board etc.. No response came back giving us the slightest assurance that the matter would be addressed. Mean while, the developers continued to dredge and were arrogant enough to say that they were not dredging but just restoring the 'beach'.. So we applied to the Court for an exparte injunction, and invited Dr. Stephen Price to come in to assess the damage.
      On the 11th of December we had to write to the Minister again because the massive assault on the hill above Godahl Lagoon by the developers caused the entire lagoon to turn brown after some showers of rain. This time when we wrote, we copied the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries; the Chief Forestry Officer; the Chief Fisheries Officer and the Senior Officer of the National Parks and Beaches Authority Board. To this day not a funeral not has been heard from any of the 'Ministers' or any other authorities in the Government. The Court upheld our interim injunction pending submissions by our Lawyers, which we have filed along with Stephen's Rapid Assessment. It will be very interesting to see how the Court is going to deal with the matter.
      There is no one answer in dealing with these issues but I feel that it requires a multitude of actions in addressing them and one of them is to take legal action. I know it is expensive but there is much greater price if we don't. Public education is also very important. I have attached two research documents that I thought would be useful to all.
      I will encourage you to be in touch with Martin Barriteau of the Sustainable Grenadines Project in Union because what ever happens in Carriacou will impact on the biodiversity of St. Vincent and whatever happens  in Canouan will impact on the biodiversity of Grenada. The marine ecosystems don't have national boundaries and so it is important that we approach the problem from the root - the basic nature of the natural environment; which I believe the SPAW Protocol speaks to. 

      The SVG National Trust in collaboration with the FOTC are looking at the possibilities of having an Educational Forum here in SVG in January and it would be useful to do this in conjunction with the Grenadines and Grenada NGO's, the only problem is that these forums are expensive to put together because it is important to have professionals participate and airfare and hotel accommodation is an important requirement. Transportation, venue, food and media exposure are also important aspects of the planning that brings the cost up so we will need to look at the various sources of funding.
      Please share any thoughts you might have in response to this.

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