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Summary of Ed Towle's recent accident.

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    For many of you, this may repeat information that you ve already gotten from other sources, but I wanted to make sure that all of our friends, members and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2006
      For many of you, this may repeat information that you've already
      gotten from other sources, but I wanted to make sure that all of our
      friends, members and associates had received word about this latest
      accident for Ed Towle. Most of you know Dr. Ed Towle as the founder
      and former President of Island Resources Foundation. Even in
      semi-retirement, Ed has been active as Chairman of Island Resources,
      in spite of increasing disability as a result of the loss of both
      legs to diabetes -- but he suffered a major setback last week.

      On Monday, 28th August, Ed Towle drove his electric wheel chair to
      his usual dialysis treatment appointment just off of DuPont circle.
      On entering the small elevator that is used to take people with
      mobility problems down to the main lobby, he fell, with the wheel
      chair on top of him, the 4+ feet to the bottom of the shaft, because
      the elevator was NOT at the top level. [Obviously, a malfunction in
      the door interlock system, compounded by the fact that the elevator
      shaft and the elevator box itself are all painted black, so you can't
      really even see the floor when coming indoors from a sunny outside,
      for example.]

      They took him quickly to the MedStar Emergency Unit at Washington
      Hospital Center, where he was diagnosed with:
      o Right arm broken in three or four places, mostly
      around the elbow;
      o Broken nose;
      o Several cuts and scratches on his face, some
      requiring stitches;
      o A "badly broken" left hip (his right hip was
      "slightly broken" I think during the last trip to the BVI).

      Since then, he has been treated at Washington Hospital Center, where
      he has continuously suffered a lot of pain, and periods of confusion
      from his reaction to the pain medications. Over the past eight days
      his condition has somewhat stabilized, and Judith is now looking
      forward to being able to bring him home to the P Street apartment for
      home care assisted by the Washington Hospice program, perhaps as
      early as Wednesday, the 6th of September.

      Judith has been assisted in coping with all of the multiple demands
      and issues of this recent crisis by a corps of friends and relatives
      (of both her and Ed) who have been there with help all along the way.
      None the less, it has obviously been an extremely stressful, and
      occasionally physically exhausting time. Because of all the
      logistics that need to be coordinated on a day-to-day basis, we ask
      that friends refrain from calling directly, but encourage people to
      send snail mails or e-mails to Judith <jtowle@...> or Ed
      <etowle@...>. That way the messages can be printed out, and
      Judith can read them to Ed during quiet times.

      Thanks for your prayers and best wishes, and we will try to keep you
      informed of updates in Ed's condition.

      Bruce Potter

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