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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    Dear Members, Trustees, Interns, Associates, and Friends, Just a short note to send you and your families the very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2005
      Dear Members, Trustees, Interns, Associates, and Friends,

      Just a short note to send you and your families
      the very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and
      Happy New Year from all of the Island Resources
      Foundation family.
      One of the nicest presents we got this
      holiday season came from a long-term member and
      supporter of the Foundation who gave Gift
      Memberships in the Foundation for a group of
      friends and young relatives, to introduce them to
      some of the issues, and some of the solutions to
      local, regional and global environmental impacts
      on small island systems. A VERY NICE THOUGHT that
      we appreciate as much as the contribution.

      As we look ahead to 2006, we are happy to report
      a healthier Chairman Ed Towle, who has bounced
      back relatively quickly from the second operation
      on his July amputation and is once again
      challenging all of us to keep our eyes on the
      goal of creating the tools and management systems
      for sustainable development of small islands.

      The Foundation has had a busy year, including a
      series of trips paid for by George Soros to the
      Republic of São Tomé e Príncipe in the Gulf of
      Guinea. These visits resulted in an analysis of
      nature tourism development possibilities in Sao
      Tome for Jeffrey Sachs's "Earth Institute" of
      Columbia University. In addition, we have
      developed a series of community development,
      biodiversity conservation, and tourism promotion
      project proposals that we are presenting to
      several potential funders, jointly with our
      Saotomean NGO partner, ECO-STP. We have worked
      with ECO-STP since the early 1990's, when Ed
      Towle first visited São Tomé.

      Mid-year we completed the second phase of the
      Sandy Cay management program and Ed, Judith Jean
      Pierre, Lloyd Gardner, and Barbara Lausche are
      well embarked on the final element of that
      program, based on a new agreement with the
      Rockefeller estate.

      A big project for us this year was the Scoping
      Study for the Beef Island Development Project.
      We're proud of the final product, which provides
      a balanced overview of the major environmental
      issues which will arise from the design,
      construction and operation of the BVI's largest
      resort. Terrestrial field analyses conducted by
      Jean Pierre Bacle and Kevel Lindsay, and salt
      pond and marine studies contributed by Lianna
      Jarecki and Clive Petrovic highlighted a number
      of important impacts that had not been previously

      Jean Pierre Bacle and Kevel Lindsay have also
      been the engine for developing a new range of
      intensive field studies for environmental
      assessment and characterization that we have been
      involved with, largely in the US Virgin Islands.

      Just two days ago we were notified by Walt Reid,
      the Director of the global Millenium Ecosystem
      Assessment, that Island Resources Foundation was
      one of the participating groups for the Millenium
      Assessment which has been recognized by the
      prestigious Zayed Prize, awarded by the UN
      Environment Programme:

      >"The scientists who contributed share the second
      >element of the Zayed prize. . . for Scientific
      >and Technological Achievement. The jury
      >described it as a "landmark study" which
      >"demonstrates that the degradation of
      >ecosystems is progressing at an alarming and
      >unsustainable rate".

      The Caribbean regional version of the Millenium
      Assessment will be published in early 2006.

      Finally, the Foundation continues to support the
      production of the United Nations Environment
      Programme's fourth Global Environmental Outlook
      in Latin America and the Caribbean (due to be
      published in 2007), and to moderate 30+ e-mail
      discussion groups.
      A new e-mail discussion group that we
      were asked to set up earlier this year is a group
      for Global Islands Biodiversity. Discussions on
      this group have had real impact on planning for
      the new Programme of Work for Small Islands of
      the Convention on Biodiversity, and for the third
      Oceans, Coasts and Islands Conference being
      convened by UNESCO in Paris in January.
      (Unfortunately, lack of time and funds will keep
      us from attending the Paris sessions this year.)
      We also serve as webmaster for four web sites
      involving small island issues.

      Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year ---

      Bruce Potter for
      Island Resources Foundation


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      For subscription information to some of our 30+ e-mail groups:
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      DC Office: 1718 "P" Street NW, Suite T-4, Wash., DC 20036
      202-265-9712; fax 202-232-0748; cell 410-271-6970
      Offices in Tortola and St. Thomas
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