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IRF Natural Resource Analyst Jean Pierre Bacle wins another VI race . . .

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    Sandra Tate faxed us this article from the Virgin Islands Daily News -- it should be noted that in addition to being a top-notch cyclist, Jean Pierre is also a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2005
      Sandra Tate faxed us this article from the Virgin Islands Daily News
      -- it should be noted that in addition to being a top-notch cyclist,
      Jean Pierre is also a long distance runner who has won races in the
      US and BVI, and he has been a world-ranked bi-athalon competitor
      (that's a competition that combines running and cycling . .

      bruce potter

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      >Bacle's birthday present to himself: BVI Cycling Federation season finale win
      >Monday, September 19th 2005
      >TORTOLA - Jean Pierre Bacle turned back St. Croix's Juancito Gario
      >and the BVI's Neil Thomas to win Sunday's BVI Cycling Federation's
      >season finale, an 18K time trial from Clarence Thomas Ltd., on
      >Wickhams Cay II, to West End and return.
      >"I offered myself a present because I'm turning 55 in two days and I
      >was really motivated," said Bacle who had a winning time of 52
      >minutes, 02 seconds. Gario followed in 52:26 and Thomas in 52:44. "I
      >said, 'This is it, this is going to be my only chance to grab
      >first.' I only had two guys in mind, Neil and Gario, and I knew they
      >were going to be pretty fast, but I had the motivation."
      >Bacle said he was focused on staying just below his lactic acid
      >threshold, being consistent, staying on the drop bars while
      >tolerating the pain and concentrating on himself. "It went well
      >today, just super," he said. "The only unfortunate thing was that I
      >dropped my water bottle in Sea Cows Bay on my way to West End. I
      >didn't have anything to drink and I sort of panicked. Then I said,
      >'I really have to watch my speed here' because I don't carry a heart
      >rate monitor or anything. I just focus on how I feel."
      >Gario said the race was hard, particularly the upwind on the return
      >leg. "I was hoping that I would have the advantage upwind, but
      >apparently I lost about 20 something seconds coming back," he said.
      >"I came here to represent my team, STX 340. I don't know how I'm
      >going to break the news to them," he added. "But, I'll be back in
      >two weeks for the Jason Bally Race."
      >Thomas said the race was "lovely." "It was a lot of competition. I
      >was trying to beat my time from last year and I did by a couple
      >seconds," he said. "I wasn't in it for the victory or position. I
      >knew those guys came for me - with all their ammunition - but my
      >focus was on time."
      >Federation president David Thomas said he was happy with the race
      >but was disappointed with the turnout. "I wish we had a lot more
      >people, but the turnouts this year have been really bad and it has
      >been sad to see people haven't been coming out racing," he said.
      >"But, it will be different next year because we will be changing the
      >format for the championship season. Everybody who didn't take
      >advantage of it this year will be sorry next year."
      >Final results
      >1. Jean Pierre Bacle, 52 minutes, 02 seconds. 2. Juancito Gario,
      >52:26. 3. Neil Thomas, 52:44. 4. Darel Christopher, Sr., 53:07. 5.
      >Andrew Thompson, 54:47. 6. Jaron Maduro, 57:34. 7. David Thomas,
      >59:50. 8. Eldon Solomon, 1:00.09. 9. Darel Christopher Jr., 1:00.18.
      >10. Mark Smith, 1:00.55. 11. Jim Cullimore, 1:02.44. 12. Sam Tucker,
      >1:03.17. 13. Mathew Collins, 1:06.23. 14. Olympia Fahie, 1:08.57.
      >15. Tom Merrigan, 1:11.36.

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