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[irf-members-news] Island Resources IN THE NEWS!!!

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  • Bruce Potter at Island Resources
    BREAK **** BREAK **** BREAK FAST BREAKING NEWS FROM ISLAND RESOURCES BREAK **** BREAK **** BREAK 1. Island Resources Geriatric Wonder Beats St. Thomas s Best
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 1999
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      BREAK **** BREAK **** BREAK


      BREAK **** BREAK **** BREAK

      1. Island Resources' Geriatric Wonder Beats St. Thomas's Best . . .

      2. Progress on Preparing the New Road Town Office and Library. . . .

      3. Interns Planned for St. Thomas

      4. Potter Asked to Leave Caribbean

      5. Ian Lambie to Receive MacFarlane Award November 9th.


      1. Island Resources' Geriatric Wonder Beats St. Thomas's Best . . .

      We interrupt this e-mail to bring you the NEWS that Island Resources
      recently hit the FRONT PAGES of the Virgin Islands Daily News ---
      INCLUDING --- for the first time ever --- a full-color-photo of one
      of our staff.

      Jean Pierre Bacle, <jpbacle@...> our cartographer/photo
      interpreter and unstinting DC office manager (and lately
      office-mover-extraordinaire) appeared on the first page of the Virgin
      Islands Daily News for October 18th.

      JP was the OVERALL WINNER of the October 17th RACE FOR THE CURE,
      two-mile race along the Charlotte Amalie and Frenchtown waterfront,
      in a time of 11 minutes, 22.8 seconds.

      Given the high state of "jockism" in St. Thomas, we thought it was a
      real tribute to Jean Pierre that he was able to win this race against
      a field of 200---and JP tells us he's got nearly 10 months until he
      is 50-years-old....

      Congratulations, JP

      A copy of the photo is available for JP's fans....

      [For the time-being, we deny all rumours that we are trying to
      recruit Tim Duncan to play on an Island Resources Hoop-A-Thon
      half-court basketball tournament....28 years of environmental
      leadership, and we finally make the front pages!]


      2. Progress on Preparing the New Road Town Office and Library. . . .

      Members might be interested to know that JP, Judith Towle, and Ed
      Towle were in the islands on the second of four major visits
      scheduled this fall to complete the reorganization of the Island
      Resources offices at the new site at 123 Main Street in Road Town,
      Tortola---the building rented by the Community College which used to
      be the University of the West Indies Extension Centre.

      Thanks to the herculean efforts (especially the part about the
      stables, according to Judith) of Ed, Judith and JP, with help from
      Lori Tesolin <ltesolin@...> and Wolfram Dressler
      <wdressler@...>, the two Canadian volunteers with the OCOD
      program working with the Foundation and environmental groups in
      Tortola, the new office is finally taking shape. Most of the library
      collection has been re-boxed, shelved and re-labled, and the vertical
      files and cabinets are getting into shape.

      The legal steps for registering the Foundation has gotten the
      organization registered, but it has slowed a bit as we approach the
      knottier issue of securing Legislative Council recognition as a
      foreign-owned non-profit corporation, free of taxes and duties. But
      we still think that will happen.

      Thanks to all our members who have made EXTRA CONTRIBUTIONS this past
      six-months to help us finance the move to the British Virgin Islands.
      Your support has made a LOT of difference, and will continue to help
      with the extra legal costs of the new registration. We are convinced
      that the new base in the British Virgin Islands will greatly increase
      Foundation support from UK and European sources.


      3. Interns Planned for St. Thomas

      In the meantime, we retain our Virgin Islands base in St. Thomas, and
      we have had a series of discussions with graduate school of business
      at the University of Michigan about involving student interns there
      with key business and strategic planning issues in environmental
      activities in the USVI.


      4. Potter Asked to Leave Caribbean

      Island Resources president Bruce Potter has been asked to leave the
      Caribbean---at least until the end of Hurricane Season.

      Since mid-September, Bruce has achieved the dubious distinction of
      having passed through three hurricanes, including Floyd as he
      wandered up the Chesapeake, Irene as she swiped Nassau in the Bahamas
      (spinning off a tornado that did a bit of damage at the Wardles in
      Coral Harbour), and squarely in the middle of Hurricane Jose who
      stomped on Antigua with unexpected fury two weeks ago (October 20th).

      "Jose blew me flat on my behind as I was walking down a rain-slicked
      corridor in the hotel---so fortunately I was not hurt," said Potter,
      in a burst of unusual eloquence.

      A good bit of this recent travel has been linked with the
      Foundation's need to spend more time in the Eastern Caribbean, which
      has fortuitously coincided with national training opportunities for
      the UNDP-funded SIDSnet (Internet for small islands) project, and an
      up-coming session on Caribbean environmental assessment being put
      together by UNEP's regional office for Latin America and the
      Caribbean, and the Port-of-Spain UNDP office directed by Dr. Carol


      5. Ian Lambie to Receive MacFarlane Award November 9th.

      Finally, we announced a couple of months ago that Island Resources
      Foundation had selected Ian Lambie of Trinidad to receive the
      Laurance S. Rockefeller-funded Euan MacFarlane Environmental
      Leadership Award for his life-long contributions to wildlife and
      wetlands conservation in Trinidad at both the Trinidad Field
      Naturalist's Club and the Asa Wright Nature Centre.

      We are delighted to be able to confirm that this award will be
      presented to Mr. Lambie by Dr. Hans Geiser, United Nations Resident
      Representative for Trinidad-Tobago on November 9th in Trinidad.


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