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[irf-members-news] A Tribute to Lloyd Matheson

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  • Bruce Potter at Island Resources
    A TRIBUTE TO D. LLOYD MATHESON by Judith and Edward Towle Lloyd Matheson introduced Brimstone Hill to us, strangers to the country, in early 1968 - now over
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 1999

      by Judith and Edward Towle

      Lloyd Matheson introduced Brimstone Hill to us, strangers to the
      country, in early 1968 - now over thirty years ago, although it often
      seems like yesterday. Since then, we have visited the site many
      times, at least a score or more, but we have never forgotten that
      first experi-ence at the Citadel with Lloyd as our guide and

      One of the many things we will miss most about Lloyd was his
      consistent enthusiasm and generosity concerning, firstly, his
      country's complex historical past and then, in particular, the
      magnificent fortress at Brimstone Hill. Virtually without exception,
      he gave unselfishly of his time and of his energy to Brimstone,
      sharing his fascination with its complexity, his knowledge about its
      past and its place in the history of the island, and his faith in its
      future as a symbol for St Kitts.

      He was tireless in that regard. He did not know how to be
      discour-aged (or at least did not share his discouragement). For a
      time in the late 1960s and early 1970s, few would listen to his pleas
      about Brim-stone's needs. But when the Caribbean Conservation
      Association fi-nally came forth with a modest grant for start-up
      restoration work on the Prince of Wales Bastion, Lloyd saw that his
      strategy had been the correct one. After the ceremony, during which
      the Caribbean Conser-vation Association's check was formally passed
      to Lloyd on behalf of the Friends of Brimstone Hill, Lloyd said to
      us, "This is just the begin-ning - Brimstone will survive!"

      And we believed him.

      But there was another quiet but effective demonstration of Lloyd's
      commitment to public service, which only a few remember. Between
      1965 and 1975 Lloyd Matheson played a significant role in the design,
      launching and early management of the regional Caribbean Conservation
      Association. It all began in 1965 when the Government of St Kitts,
      Nevis and Anguilla sent Lloyd as a delegate to an international
      meeting of conservationists being held at Caneel Bay on St. John in
      the US Virgin Islands. Of the 75 delegates, Lloyd became one of a
      committee of five to draft the main resolution emerging from the
      meeting, calling for a new regional conservation organization.

      That organization became the Caribbean Conservation Association, and
      when its first meeting was held two years later, Lloyd Matheson was
      elected as a member of the Board and to the post of Treasurer - the
      Association's first. He served in this capacity during the formative
      years of the "CCA" and served additionally (after 1968) as an
      un-official advisor to the newly elected President of the
      Association, one Edward Towle, who was new to the region and urgently
      needed his guidance. Lloyd's service to CCA continued until the
      headquarters moved from the northern Caribbean to Barbados in 1975.

      Lloyd provided badly needed leadership to CCA because he knew that,
      in a strategic sense, projects like Brimstone would need technical
      assistance and that therefore a regional service entity would be
      useful, if not essential. He also realized early on that the whole
      region had undifferentiated conservation needs equivalent to those of
      St. Kitts, and that CCA could help with national initiatives. Lloyd
      was, in fact, one of the first environmentalists in the region to
      provide witness to Rene DuBos's popular dictum: "think globally, act

      For Lloyd, his time at Brimstone, the many thousands of hours,
      represented the "time of his life". But for these hours, he has
      earned a rest, and our everlasting respect and gratitude for a job
      well done.
      We shall miss him not only as a respected colleague but also as a
      dear and cherished friend.

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