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Fwd: [campam] Fw: Dr. Karen Eckert Winner of International Conservation Award

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  • Potter in Skye
    [Thanks to Alessandra for surfacing this well-deserved award to our good friend and colleague Karen Eckert. Don t we like the irony of an award for a career
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2003
      [Thanks to Alessandra for surfacing this
      well-deserved award to our good friend and
      colleague Karen Eckert. Don't we like the irony
      of an award for a career devoted to sea turtle
      preservation is being presented in Calgary!

      congratulations Karen . . .

      bruce potter for all of the Island Resources
      Foundation members and Associates.]

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      >Subject: [campam] Fw: Dr. Karen Eckert Winner of
      >International Conservation Award
      >Dr. Karen Eckert Winner of International
      >Conservation AwardFYI CaMPAM members.
      >Congratulations Karen for this well deserved
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      >Subject: Dr. Karen Eckert Winner of International Conservation Award
      >Alessandra Vanzella-Khouri,
      >Pasted below is an advance copy of a press
      >release announcing Dr. Karen Eckert as winner of
      >an International Conservation Award.
      >The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, Sept.
      >30 in Calgary, Canada. Please contact me if you
      >require additional information.
      >Camille L. Costello
      >ChevronTexaco Corporation
      >Public & Government Affairs/Media Relations
      >6001 Bollinger Canyon Road Suite A2249
      >San Ramon, California 94583
      >Tel: 925/842-2583 Fax: 925/842-2669
      >Mail to: ccaj@...
      ><<Eckert Release.doc>> <<CCAP FACT SHEET.doc>>
      >****ADVANCE COPY*****
      >North Carolina's Eckert Wins International
      >Environmental Award for Sea Turtle Protection
      >Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network Executive Director
      >Honored by the ChevronTexaco Conservation Awards
      >CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 30, 2003 -
      >Endangered sea turtles have their own
      >"conservation ambassador" in Dr. Karen Eckert.
      >For her efforts to bring together nearly 40
      >governments, the United Nations and
      >conservationists in the Caribbean region to save
      >sea turtles, Eckert today was named one of six
      >winners of the 49th annual ChevronTexaco
      >Conservation Awards.
      > As executive director of Wider Caribbean
      >Sea Turtle Conservation Network (WIDECAST),
      >Eckert has created the largest network of sea
      >turtle research and conservation projects in the
      >world. Her ability to find collaborative
      >solutions that balance community needs and
      >marine protection has reversed the decline of
      >sea turtles in the Caribbean region. Today,
      >WIDECAST, based at the Duke University Marine
      >Laboratory in North Carolina, provides a model
      >for community-based marine resource management.
      > "Creating meaningful partnerships is the
      >key to building a future where humans and sea
      >turtles can live together in balance," said
      > Under her leadership, WIDECAST has
      >developed alternative livelihoods for
      >communities once dependent on sea turtle
      >harvesting and helped nations collaborate on
      >eliminating poaching and illegal product sales.
      >WIDECAST also trains wildlife officers, protects
      >nesting beaches, conducts research, drafts
      >legislation, sponsors public awareness
      >campaigns, develops guidelines for "sea turtle
      >eco-tourism" and launches grass-roots
      >conservation groups.
      >Other 2003 ChevronTexaco Conservation Award
      >winners include: Dr. Laurie Marker, for her
      >remarkable efforts to save cheetahs from
      >extinction in Africa; Susan Seacrest, who
      >launched the Groundwater Foundation, now an
      >international model for protecting aquifers;
      >Elizabeth Cushman Titus Putnam, founder of The
      >Student Conservation Association, the nation's
      >leading conservation service organization for
      >young people; acclaimed Canadian wildlife artist
      >and naturalist Robert Bateman for his
      >environmental and youth art education programs;
      >and, David Livermore, director of The Nature
      >Conservancy of Utah, for protecting more than
      >800,000 acres of public and private land in Utah
      >An independent panel of leading conservationists
      >selected the winners. Award recipients were
      >honored at ceremonies at the Glenbow Museum in
      >Calgary, Canada, and received a US$10,000 prize.
      >Since its founding in 1954 by the late Ed Zern,
      >an acclaimed American outdoors writer, the
      >ChevronTexaco Conservation Awards have honored
      >more than 1,000 volunteers, professionals and
      >organizations for their practical and creative
      >solutions to environmental challenges.
      >ChevronTexaco Conservation Award recipients have
      >helped to protect wildlife, restore wilderness,
      >create natural preserves and parks, and
      >institute educational programs to heighten
      >environmental awareness.
      ># # #
      >Camille Costello at 925.842.2583, ccaj@...
      >or Peter Bartelme at 925-842-2590, brtp@...
      >ChevronTexaco Conservation Awards
      >Fact Sheet
      >Mission The ChevronTexaco
      >Conservation Awards recognize outstanding
      >contributions of individuals and organizations
      >to conserving natural resources. Since 1954,
      >more than 1,000 awards program recipients from
      >around the globe have helped to protect
      >wildlife, restore wilderness, create natural
      >preserves and parks, and institute educational
      >programs to heighten environmental awareness.
      >Furthermore, by recognizing conservation
      >efforts, the awards program educates and
      >inspires others to preserve natural resources.
      >2003 Ceremony
      >Location In 2003, six
      >recipients will be honored at a gala ceremony on
      >September 30 at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary,
      >western Canada's largest museum, with thousands
      >of historical, modern and contemporary works
      >from the northwest of continental North America.
      >ChevronTexaco selects a different host city each
      >year where unique solutions to environmental
      >challenges have been created through
      >partnerships between industry, non-profits and
      >the public sector.
      >Ed Zern: Founder The program was
      >originally created in 1954 by the late Ed Zern,
      >an acclaimed American outdoors writer. He
      >believed that an important factor in the success
      >of all nominees is the ability to work
      >effectively with diverse organizations to
      >achieve consensus and to develop practical ways
      >to meet difficult environmental challenges.
      >Sponsor ChevronTexaco's
      >reputation as an industry leader in
      >environmental responsibility has been earned
      >through the hard work and commitment of its
      >employees and a strong corporate policy devoted
      >to the responsible management of natural
      >resources. With operations in more than 180
      >countries, ChevronTexaco conducts its business
      >in diversity of environments around the world.
      >Throughout these operations - in exploration,
      >production, manufacturing, marketing, and
      >research - environmental stewardship is not only
      >corporate policy; it is the guiding ethic of the
      >people who are ChevronTexaco. A few examples of
      >ChevronTexaco's commitment to environmental
      >partnerships in communities in which it operates
      >· Chevron Canada Resources (CCR), a
      >wholly owned subsidiary of ChevronTexaco, was
      >the first corporate sponsor of the Ann & Sandy
      >Cross Conservation Area, a 4,800 acre nature
      >preserve south and west of Calgary.
      >· Since 1987, CCR has invested close to
      >$500,000 in education programs and a
      >conservation center. More than 25,000 school
      >children have taken part in this "outdoor
      >classroom experience" to date.
      >· CCR recently partnered with the City
      >of Calgary and the Parks Foundation to develop
      >an award-winning environmental education pathway
      >at Prince's Island Park in downtown Calgary.
      >· A partnership between the Galveston
      >Bay Foundation of Houston and ChevronTexaco -
      >involving hundreds of volunteers, educational
      >programs and financial support - is helping to
      >address environmental challenges facing
      >Galveston Bay.
      >· In Papua New Guinea, ChevronTexaco
      >established a precedent-setting World Wildlife
      >Fund Partnership to protect rare wildlife and
      >one of the world's most fragile rainforests.
      >· ChevronTexaco is the single largest
      >corporate donor to The Yosemite Fund. Since
      >1990, ChevronTexaco has contributed $2 million
      >and nearly 35,000 hours of volunteer time by
      >3,500 employees who have restored 60 acres in
      >California's Yosemite Valley.
      >Judges &
      >Judging Process An independent panel of
      >leading conservationists selects six award
      >winners. Judges include:
      >· Helen Engle, Director, National Audubon Society Board of Directors.
      >· B.J. Griffin, Executive Director,
      >Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, Calif. and a
      >former Superintendent of Yosemite National Park.
      >· Jack Lorenz, Co-Founder, Wildlife Habitat Council.
      >· Patrick Noonan, Chairman, The Conservation Fund.
      >· Nancy Pearlman, Founder, The Ecology
      >Center of Southern California and Project
      >· Andrea J. Yank, Executive Director,
      >Natural Resources Council of America.
      >· Dr. Tom Beck, Environmental
      >Consultant, prominent leader in the
      >environmental and conservation movement in
      >Honoree Benefits Award recipients will be
      >honored at a gala ceremony September 30, 2003 in
      >Calgary, Canada, receive US$10,000, a round-trip
      >airfare for two to Calgary and two nights
      >lodging. The work of the winners also is
      >publicized on their behalf to increase awareness
      >of their organization as well as to educate and
      >inspire others to preserve natural resources.
      >History Past corporate
      >sponsors include American Motors (1954-1980);
      >Gulf Oil Company (1981-1985); Chevron
      >Corporation (1985-1993); Chevron, in partnership
      >with Times Mirror Magazines (1994-1996); Chevron
      >Corporation (1996 to the present ChevronTexaco).
      >Information For details, visit
      >the ChevronTexaco Conservation Awards web site
      >at www.chevrontexaco.com/conservationawards.
      >News media should call Camille Costello at
      >925-842-2583, or Peter Bartelme at 925-842-2590.
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