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EPA Award: Presentation 24 April in NYC

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  • Potter at Island Resources
    Island Resources Foundation has just been notified that EPA has selected the Foundation to receive a 2003 U.S. EPA Environmental Quality Award, for which we
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2003
      Island Resources Foundation has just been notified that EPA has
      selected the Foundation to receive a "2003 U.S. EPA Environmental
      Quality Award," for which we were nominated by Jim Casey of EPA's St.
      Thomas office.

      This is the highest recognition presented at the Regional Office
      level, "for individuals and groups who have demonstrated an
      outstanding commitment to protecting and enhancing environmental
      quality in EPA Region 2 (New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the
      Virgin Islands)." Award recipients come from all sectors, including
      non-profits, environmental and community groups, individual citizens,
      environmental education and business organizations and members of the
      news media.

      EPA will conduct a small award ceremony at their regional
      headquarters offices on the 30th floor of 290 Broadway (corner
      Duane) in New York City from 2 until 4PM on Thursday, April 24th.
      I'd like to invite any members of the Foundation who happen
      to be in the New York City area to drop by for the presentation, but
      unfortunately, not my acceptance speech --- they are quite clear that
      recipients will NOT "be asked to make acceptance remarks." ["Remarks"
      indeed --- I was already thinking about where to get the trumpeters
      to play "Ruffles and Flourishes" while I was on my way to the podium.
      . . . oh well.] Maybe we can go out for a little sip or something

      Drop me a line if you think you can make it, and I'll pass your name
      on to EPA. . . . . and thanks for all the nice notes of
      encouragement that we received when Jim submitted the nomination. . .
      . and incidentally, thanks again to Jim Casey for the nomination in
      the first place.

      bruce potter

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