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1243Edinburgh Advertiser 19 Apr 1816, p.6, col.3

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  • fionnghalnicphadraig
    May 6, 2008
      Ireland – Clonmel Assizes – murder of Mr BAKER
      On Monday last [?] MAHER was put on his trial, at Clonmel, for the
      murder of Mr BAKER the magistrate [the particulars of which appeared
      in the Edinburgh advertiser, Dec 8, 1813, p.365] The Solicitor-General
      stated the case at great length, and detailed the particulars of the
      horrid conspiracy which had been formed to assassinate Mr BAKER, and
      which appeared to have been organized upon a most alarming and
      extensive system. After the examination of a great number of
      witnesses, totally unconnected with each other, the prisoner was found
      Guilty. Mr SERJEANT JOY, who presided at the trial, in a most feeling
      and impressive manner, then then proceeded to pass the awful sentence
      of the law upon the prisoner, who seemed the only person present
      unaffected by it. When the Judge had concluded, the miserable culprit
      exclaimed "May the gates of Heaven never open to receive my soul, if I
      had any act or part in the murder!" After this exclamation, the
      solicitor-General addressed the Jury & said, to prevent them from
      having any unpleasant feeling in consequence of their verdict, he
      begged to assure them the prisoner had fully confessed his guilt, and
      had pointed out to himself the fatal spot where the crime had been
      committed, and had also acknowledged the part he had taken in the
      horrid affair.