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1234The Guardian, 7 Feb 1838, pg.4 – Dresses of Irish Women

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  • fionnghalnicphadraig
    Nov 28, 2007
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      The Guardian, 7 Feb 1838, pg.4
      Domestic & Miscellaneous column
      Dresses of Irish Women
      On returning from Rathfriland, I observed a multitude of people, who
      filled the road for a considerable distance. On a nearer approach
      they proved to be a catholic congregation leaving their chapel at
      Hilltown. The white and scarlet dresses of the women, shining
      brightly in the sun, and backed by the scenery of Hilltown with its
      noble mountains in the distance, composed a gay and busy picture of
      indescribable interest. The women are very partial to showy colours,
      particularly scarlet. Bonnets are never seen; but the caps are very
      white, with broad borders ornamented with gay ribbons and flowers. It
      was an imposing scene; and on meeting them, I desired Pat to let his
      horse move slowly, to give me an opportunity of closer inspection.
      The men had nothing attractive about them; and the dresses of the
      women, which assumed so splendid an appearance a distance, were
      discovered, when closely viewed, to consist of anything but costly
      materials – Binns Miseries and Beauties of Ireland.