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1232Freeman's Journal; Oct 30, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Nov 25, 2007
      The Public Register or Freeman's Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, October 30, 1764

      Hugh Hill, Esq; late Collector of Strangford, is appointed Collector of
      Londonderry, in the Room of Robert Harrison, Esq; who hath resigned.
      Oct. 24 ] Mr. Sheriff Hart, attended by the City Officers, inspected the
      several Markets and ins his Progress seized a Quantity of unsound Beef,
      Mutton and Pork, which were burned on Ormond-Quay. And last Saturday he
      visited the Markets again, and seized a Quantity of light Bread and
      unsaleable Meat, which were distributed to the Poor.

      26.] At an Adjournment of the Quarters Sessions, Dan. M'Kenzie, a Serjant,
      in the 59th Regiment, was found Guilty for assaulting Mr. James Hodson, as
      set forth in this Paper of the 3d of July last. He was fined one Mark, and
      sentenced to one Month's Imprisonment in Newgate. But on M'Kenzie's begging
      Mr. Hodson's Pardon in Court, the latter, humanely interceded for him to the
      Court, to have his Sentence mitigated, when the Court was pleased to reduce
      the Fine to Six-pence, and his Imprisonment to one Week. - It were to be
      wished that every Citizen would with equal Spirit and Candour, support the
      Peace of this City, and maintain the Civil Power. To the Honour of Mr.
      Hodson, we mention it, that in Court he declared, "His Motive for carrying
      on this Prosecution was not from any personal Resentment to the Prisoner,
      but to deter others from disturbing the Peace of the city, and to caution
      every Order of Men, not to insult the Citizens." And indeed his Conduct has
      manifested his Intentions.

      William Kirwan and Anne Sexton were tried and found guilty, at the
      Commission of Oyer and Terminer, for robbing Peter Malone in Poolbeg-street,
      and received Sentence of Death.

      On Saturday last, Michael Lennen, late Servant to Mr. Joseph Rawlins, of
      Francis-street, was found guilty of robbing his Shop of Goods.

      BIRTH.] Last Thursday, the Lady of John Rochfort, jun, Esq, a Son.

      MARRIED.] A few Days ago, John Conry of Portahello, in the County of
      Roscommon, Esq. to Miss Mary Farrell of Lougherrill, in the County of
      Leitrim.-- Mr. Thomas Craige, of Kennedy's-Lane, to Miss Moore, of
      Temple-Lane.-- Mr. Barry, of Strand-Street to Miss Boyle, of the Blind-Quay,
      with a Fortune of 600l.

      DEATHS.] Died lately near Tuam, after a short illness, the Rev. Mr. Hector
      Middleton.-- In Caple-Street, Madame Giordani, Mother of the celebrated
      Signiora Spiletta.

      By the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor of the City of Dublin.
      WHEREAS great Numbers of idle Vagabonds and vagrant Beggars, of both
      Sexes, with a Number of clamorcus Children, are observed to strole about the
      Streets, and this City is become the common Receptacle of Objects,
      disfigured and frightful, as well as pretending to be miserable, from all
      Parts of the Kingdom. And whereas, upon Application to the Governors of the
      Work-house of this City, they have granted out of their Fund a Supply, for
      maintaining and employing in Bridewel such Beggars as shall be apprehended
      and sent thither by my Order, which is now fitted up for their Reception;
      and all Children of such Beggars will be received into the Work-house, in
      order to be bred up Protestants, and to Industry. In order to carry the said
      Scheme effectually into Execution, I do hereby require and command all
      Constables of this City, Beadles and Constables of the several Parishes of
      this City, from and after the 10th of November next, to seize upon and take
      up all Beggars of both Sexes and of all Ages, who shall be found begging and
      asking Alms in any Part of this City without Badges; and all Shoe-boys and
      idle vagrant Persons, who shall not betake themselves to Labour, and have no
      visible Way of getting a Livelihood, and bring them before me, so as they
      may be committed to Bridewel, and be kept to hard Labour; and I hereby
      command all such Beggars, &c. to depart from this City before the said Day,
      for if any be found begging after, they shall be punished with the utmost
      Rigour of the Law. And as such Beggars are injurious to the Inhabitants of
      this City, and as the Law has directed and enabled every Housekeeper and
      Inhabitant of this City, to command the Beadle and Constable of his Parish,
      under the Penalty of Twenty Shillings, to seize and take up such Beggars. I
      require that every Housekeeper and Inhabitant, but more particularly the
      Church Wardens, Sidesmen, and Directors of the Watch, in the several
      Parishes of this City, will give their Assistance to the Execution of this
      good Design, and return to me the Names of such Beadle or Constable as shall
      refuse to obey their Commands in Execution of the same, that I may punish
      them accordingly.
      Given at the Tholsel Chamber, the 20th Day of October, 1764.
      [God Save the King.]

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News