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631FW: Tom Bearden Website - new Bedini DVD releases

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  • DC Williams
    May 14, 2011
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      Subject: Tom Bearden Website - new Bedini DVD releases

      Subject: Tom Bearden Website - new Bedini DVD releases

      We are pleased to announce the release of a new two-DVD set from John
      Bedini entitled "Monopole Master-Class" 1 & 2.

      The first DVD, #24 in the Series, deals with a litany of common Monopole
      motor problems, mistakes and misconceptions that motor builder's make, and
      the second one, #25, deals with novel concepts with regard to adapting the
      Monopole motor for uses such as being powered by the wind or a stream.

      The DVDs can be purchased as a set, or separately, as each DVD is
      self-contained with respect to subject matter, though they were filmed
      back to back.

      And in answer to many requests, we are also now offering a 24 disc
      container box with Michael Anderson's "Energy from the Vacuum" artwork
      that can be purchased separately to store your DVDs in this collection.
      It is also included free with purchase of the 20 disc set.

      All available from the DVD section of the Tom Bearden Online Store at


      Tony Craddock
      Executive Producer

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