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627Watching Haarp do its thing," FINALLY", in the USA.

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  • DC Williams
    May 2, 2011
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      This blogger is a bit over the top on this issue but the videos on this site that he found on the internet are worth watching.


      If Ira was framed for murder to shut him up, wouldn’t this be an example of the kind of advanced electromagnetic weapons he was warning about in the 1970’s?


      HAARP appears to be Tesla’s “death ray” fine tuned for many more applications than just raining atomic bomb sized shock waves down as some claim the Tunguska event was Tesla testing this application.

      Blog: The Vatic Project - Daily  Summary - May 1, 2011

         Post:                           Watching Haarp do its thing," FINALLY", in the USA.

      Vatic Note: Well, the day has FINALLY arrived.  I said a long time ago, when they finally attack us with their weapons of mass destruction, then that is the time we are legally and morally bound to defend ourselves.  So, pilots, its time to blow up all the haarp facilities all over the world.  Puerto Rico,  Alaska, Norway, and the one floating out  to sea.   Yup, saw one on a rigg, as if it were an oil derrick.  Further,  its time for everyone who is armed to begin organizing and talking with each other.  What these three videos show is a preparation in advance for their war games they have schedule in the first week of May I believe,  and at the same time,  they are blowing the levees for a reason that has nothing to do with flooding,  it has everything to do with the bogus madrid fault earth quake they have planned and the bogus nuke created tsunami up the mississippi river that could be stopped by those levees. Why are they doing the levees then?  

      They  are doing them because if the levees remain,  yes, the tsunami will blow over them, but the water will go back to river size AND IT WON'T SUCK IN THE GULF WATER ALL THE WAY UP THE RIVER and permantly leave a divide.  If the levees are gone, that gulf water will rush into the land and cover it permanently and that is death to our farm belt since the water will be salt water.  NO WAY CAN WE ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS.... THIS IS ONE TIME YOU BETTER SQUEAL LIKE STUCK PIGS AND BE PREPARED TO BACK IT UP.  THEY CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER WAR FRONT WITH ALL THE ONES THEY HAVE GOING ON, ITS OUR ONLY CHANCE TO STOP THEM.... ITS NOW.....  These videos are your proof, ESPECIALLY VIDEO 3.  You could skip the rest althought they are important, and go directly to video three and see the plan all laid out even to the point of  "protecting" CHICAGO,  WHICH IS THE MIDWEST STATE OF ISRAEL,  RAHM EMMANUAL, AND HOME OF OBAMA..  Everyone along the Mississippi needs to call their congressman and tell them no way to blow those levees.  NO WAY.... TO DO AN EARTHQUAKE AND NO TSUNAMI EITHER..... TELL THEM its war if they do it and TREASON, which is a death penalty offense and at this point we don't care who deals out the penalty for treason.   ---  Click above link to see new videos and read more if the link does not work, then click on title..